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Four Horsemen of the Paint’ocalypse

Four Horsemen of the Paint’ocalypse

I see a model and I want it painted black
No colors anymore I want them to turn black
I see the minis go by painted in studio schemes
I have to turn my head until my darkness wins
I see a line of parts and they’re all painted black
With primer and my brush both never to come back
I see people turn their heads and quickly look away
Like a newby painter it just happens every day
I look inside myself and see my heart is black
I see my minis I must have them painted black
Maybe then I’ll wash away and not have to paint the lines
It’s not easy highlightin’, when your whole mini’s black…

Another twelve months and a wide range of awesome projects accomplished – all dim in face of the latest developments. My family is now four. Basia, my daughter, joined me, my wife Anna and our dog D.Va to form a quartet that will shake the world! Not your world of course – but mine… totally!

Thus this anniversary is sponsored by number four marking Scarhandpainting.com’s fourth birthday and a new era in my life.
For those of you wandering how an arrival of a young child impacts a commissioned miniature painter’s life I can only say this: Everything is turned upside down and any trace of a coherent painting routine is dead. I’m used to an empty house, clear mind and being a master of myself. Nowadays I still manage to paint, but it’s just totally different than before.

Paint Droplets Everywhere…

Back to miniatures – 2019 was a year of quality over quantity. I took on some really challenging projects and feel I learned a lot thanks to it. Last year tested my prowess as a painter and kept me switching between comfort zone and the unknown. I believe that constant self improvement is imperative in this line of work, and appreciate how 2019 abounded in opportunities for me to take bold steps. Looking back I can honestly say I feel accomplished as a hobbyist.

2019 Highlights

Blog Highlights

It’s cool to see that Scarhandpainting.com Blog popularity is holding up. With only 29 articles published hitting over 100k visits in last twelve months is a feat! This year I plan to revamp and update some of the old articles, as well as bring in new ones – all in hope to keep you peeps entertained! ;*

29 new articles showed up since previous anniversary. These are the ones you found to be the most interesting…

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…and unexpected TOP 3 of all time favorites:




Following the Setting Sun

Last year was fantastic! I enjoyed every bit of it and for this I would like to thank all of my friends and customers. You supported me, you gave me a job and let me live the way I love. That is the best gift a hobbyist like myself can hope for.

Special thanks to Sarah, Romana, Bettina, Michael, Andreas, Thomas, Max and Clemens. You guys humble me with your continuous support and trust.

I look forward to 2020 and all the cool stuff already scheduled. Some nice projects ahead so stay tuned and remember – if you want, or know someone who wants, to get miniatures painted – you know where to find me 😉


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Michael SibiliaPosted on4:08 am - Feb 7, 2020

Sto lat!
Amazing year and amazing work! Congratulations on the growing family and growing business.

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