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Tutorial: DIY Wet Palette

Tutorial: DIY Wet Palette

Wet Palette – a hobby tool every or at least a vast majority of pro painters has. A Wet Palette is simply a piece of parchment sitting on a wet sponge that keeps your paints thin and allows you to “save” a certain colour mix to go back to without the necessity to mix the paints anew in hope to achieve same results. In this article I will show you how to make your own Wet Palette.


  • White Baking Paper (Parchment Paper),
  • Soft Kitchen Sponge,
  • Hermetic Box,
  • Sharp knife and ruler,


Picking a right box for the job is very important. For best results it should be hermetic, rather shallow and as wide and long as you prefer. I know a very good painter who uses a Ferrero Rocher box, I preffer to use a more hermetic and smaller Games Workshop Turf box. It suits my needs better, as I don’t use Wet Palette too often. Either way…

Step one:

I measured the insides of my box of choice and cut a piece of kitchen sponge to be approximately 5mm smaller. This is to leave some space for a sponge that might grow a bit once filled with water.

Step two:

Next I cut a piece of baking paper to fit the sponge, again leaving about 5mm space between the edge of the sponge and the paper itself.

Step three:

I filled the “palette” with water until the sponge couldn’t take anymore. The key is to avoid water outside the sponge.

Step four:

I then put a piece of baking paper on top of the sponge and held it in place, so that it took a little bit of water and flattened. That’s actually it – Wet Palette complete and ready for action!

Now I can “save” the paints for later use…

Important tip: You will be switching the piece of baking paper every now and then, but I advise you to occasionally switch the sponge too. Depending on what kind of soft sponge you’ll use it might get smelly after long use. It’s because nowadays kitchen sponges are made out of algae and similar organic material. Just saying 😉

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M2CatPosted on6:44 pm - Jul 4, 2019

Don’t know how about the Poland, but here in Kyiv, Ukraine one can find different types of baking paper. And even if they bear same general purpose, some of them are not suitable for wet palette because of different adjuvants and others wear off almost instantly.
The most comic in this is that when I find a perfect brand/type, it is vanished from market when it’s time to buy new one. XD

NazrothPosted on7:28 pm - Jul 4, 2019

True – not all types of baking paper are suitable for Wet Palette. Poland is similar – sometimes I hunt for suitable paper for weeks, just so that my Wife uses it up for baking ;(
Still, there’s an easy solution: Search “Baking Paper” at Aliexpress, or E-Bay. Pick either waxed or silicone. 😉

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