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Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarves

Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarves

Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarves painted lvl 4 “Chrome & Shiny”.

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Graham HaslettPosted on9:32 pm - Mar 6, 2024

could you tell me the colours used to paint the ginger/brown beard, red armour and flesh tones? i really love the combinations, but can’t seem to get the right, base shade and highlights

Graham Harvey HaslettPosted on10:26 am - Mar 26, 2024

Hi, thanks for this, absolutely love the pale skin look. I’m not familiar with the Vallejo colours though, with the mix of tan/flesh colours, which tan and flesh colours do you mean? There are quite a few different ones.. DO you have a video? Would love to see a how you work

ScarhandpaintingPosted on12:06 pm - Mar 26, 2024

No video on this one. I sadly ain’t much of a youtuber.
Vallejo Tan 72.066
Vallejo Flesh 72,769
Vallejo Pale Flesh 72.703

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