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Colour Recipes: Infinity Combined Army

Colour Recipes: Infinity Combined Army

Here are some Colour Recipes for Combined Armys from GALLERY: INFINITY COMBINED ARMY lvl 5. Please take note that this is a simple colour scheme, not covering multiple overlapping layers and blends inbetween, that lead to the final product. It is supposed to be used as guidline not a step-by-step.

BLACK/GREY armour & weapons:

Black Undercoat,

Panzer Dark Grey (Val),*

Light Grey (Val),*p

Fenrisian Grey (GW), l&p

Pallid Wych Flesh (GW), l&p

Dark Tone Ink (AP),

Wolf Grey (Val), blend

Pallid Wych Flesh (GW), l&p

Red Terracota (Val), blend

Off White (Val), l&p

ORANGE fibers:

Mix Hot Orange (Val) 9:1 Troll Slayer Orange (GW), wash

Mix Hot Orange (Val) 1:1 Troll Slayer Orange (GW), wash

Mix Troll Slayer Orange (GW) 9:1 Mix Hot Orange (Val),

Mix Troll Slayer Orange (GW) 9:1:X Mix Hot Orange (Val), Pale Wych Flesh (GW), l&p

Pale Wych Flesh (GW), p

Mix Strong Tone Ink (AP) 1:1:1:1 Soft Tone Ink (AP), Bloodletter (GW), Medium,

Hot Orange (Val), blend

RED lights:

Lugganath Orange (GW), l&p

Gory Red (Val), glaze

LAVA bases:

Mahogany (Val), *

Gorthor Brown (GW), drbr rocks

Gory Red (Val), * lava

Scrofulous Brown (Val), * lava

Mix Scrofulous Brown (Val) 2:1 White, * lava

Black, p lava

Scrofulous Brown (Val), *p lava

Lamenters Yellow (Val), * lava

Hot Orange (Val), * lava

White, * bubbles

Mix Scrofulous Brown (Val) 5:1 Black, * rocks

Black, blend rocks

Gloss Varnish, lava

l&p – lines and points,

p – points,

bl – blend,

gl – glaze,

drbr – drybrush,

flbr – flatbrush,

stpl – stippling,

*Airbrushed (with multiple layers and mixes)


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