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Below is a quick and easy technique of painting marble using a limited palette of paints.

Introduction: Painting marble using this method does not require precision nor a variety of unusual skills. It is quite effective and bereft of any extensive cons. The pros of this technique are as follows:

– fast,
– simple,
– easy to learn,
– cheap*

* assuming you already have an airbrush or spray gun – if not, I have posted a solution in the end of the article.

marmur 9


* Chaos Black Undercoat (GW),
* German Red Brown (Vallejo Surface Primer)

!  Doombull Brown (GW) or Dark Flesh (GW) and actually any dark brown will do.

* White (Vallejo Air),
* Dark Tone Ink (AP),
* Strong Tone Ink (AP),
* Soft Tone Ink (AP),
* Gloss Varnish (Vallejo),
* Steel Wool,

1  I undercoated the surface using Black Undercoat (GW),

marmur 1

2  The first proper layer was German Red Brown (Vallejo). I used Airbrush to cover all of the 'marble' surface with it.

marmur 2

3  I took a piece of Steel Wool and made a marble template out of it by pulling and stretching a small piece of it. I used the template and airbrushed all with White.

marmur 3

Here’s an example of how it was done:


4  Using Dark Tone Ink (AP) and thin brush I marked out some major lines of the marble. I also used water to dilute the paint and used the mixture one side of some major lines.

marmur 4

5  Using large brush I made random stains of Strong Tone Ink (AP) and then before it dried I've genlty touched it with piece of paper towel.

marmur 5

6  I washed all using Soft Tone Ink (AP).

marmur 6

7  I built contrast in the recesses using Dark Tone Ink (AP) diluted with a bit of water.

marmur 7

8  Finally I glossed whole surface with Gloss Varnish (Vallejo) to give it a nice shine of polished marble and deepen the colours difference.

marmur 8


For those who lack Airbrush: Forget about steel wool, and proceed through steps 1-3 without it. during step 3 apply white paint using brush but before it dries out use a wet toothpick to draw soft, thin lines. You may need to use couple of layers of white in the spots you like it to be strong. Afterwards just follow the tutorial to it’s finale 😉

Hope you like and will use this method. If so – feel invited to post thew link to some pictures here for the benefit of other hobbyists.


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AsaltoRabiosoPosted on  7:25 pm - Feb 17, 2016

you sure make it look like it is easy… XD
but I don’t think it is until you’ve done it a few times!


    NazrothPosted on  1:29 am - Feb 23, 2016

    I actually gone commando with this one just painting the miniature and doing a tutorial at the same time. It was a second time I ever painted marble and the first one took place more than five years ago. It was a small plinth for a Space Hulk – Blood Angels Grail Chalice. It was done with a completely different method 🙂 So I’m pretty sure this Tutorial is easy – the reason is I just sat and did it without even giving it a thought beforehand 😉 Try it out – I’m sure you will handle.


John TenzerPosted on  2:45 pm - Jun 19, 2017

Can you do a tutorial anout how to paint black marble (bx using brushes)?

It would be very appreciated…!

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