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Tutorial: Painting Marble

Tutorial: Painting Marble

Welcome to Painting Marbe tutorial. Here I will take you on a Step-by-step trip through the process of painting marble the same way as seen at: Gallery: Horus Lupercal

Before we start, some notes:

  • This one requires airbrush.
  • To better demonstrate the technique used I used standard 55mm and 25mm round bases.
  • As usual, please take note that what works for me might not necessarily work for you.


Step one: Undercoat

I started with a solid layer of Vallejo German Red Brown. Any similar colour would do.

Step two: Base texture

For this step I used a life hack. I took few pieces of steel wool, taped them together and used them as a stencil. I then airbrushed pure white paint through the stencil and onto the bases.

Step three: Texture

Next I applied more layers of marble texture. This time I manually applied irregular stains of Army Painter Strong Tone Ink, waited half a minute then removed the paint with a paper towel. I then repeated the process once again applying and then removing excess Strong Tone Ink.

Step four: Sealing the colour

I then painted entire base with Army Painter Soft Tone Ink thinned with Games Workshop Lahmian Medium. I tried to keep the layer smooth and even.

Step five: Gloss

Finally I applied two layers of airbrushed Gloss Varnish. This resulted in a nice polished glossy look. Depending on the effect you aim for Gloss Varnish can be switched with either Satin ot pure Matt. 

Here’s how the finished base looks like. 

Note from the author: This tutorial is by far the most popular article on Scarhandpainting.com. It was first published in early 2016 and then refurbished exactly four years later. I hope you enjoy this new look and that the tutorial is now much easier to follow. Comments and Critique are welcome. 


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AsaltoRabiosoPosted on7:25 pm - Feb 17, 2016

you sure make it look like it is easy… XD
but I don’t think it is until you’ve done it a few times!

    NazrothPosted on1:29 am - Feb 23, 2016

    I actually gone commando with this one just painting the miniature and doing a tutorial at the same time. It was a second time I ever painted marble and the first one took place more than five years ago. It was a small plinth for a Space Hulk – Blood Angels Grail Chalice. It was done with a completely different method 🙂 So I’m pretty sure this Tutorial is easy – the reason is I just sat and did it without even giving it a thought beforehand 😉 Try it out – I’m sure you will handle.

John TenzerPosted on2:45 pm - Jun 19, 2017

Can you do a tutorial anout how to paint black marble (bx using brushes)?

It would be very appreciated…!

CameronPosted on3:17 am - Aug 3, 2020

Any suggestions on how to do this effect over a miniature such as a space marine’s armor?

NazrothPosted on11:49 am - Aug 3, 2020

I did the same thing, except with a smaller stencil, one part at a time, starting with top, most exposed parts. The key is to hold steel wool strained on the parts you’re airbrushing.

PkdeltaPosted on6:25 pm - Aug 25, 2020

You van do it with W5 to

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