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Tutorial: DIY Infinity Console

Tutorial: DIY Infinity Console

You may consider this short tutorial to be an extension of “Tutorial: Infinity ‘Do It Yourself’ Gaming Terrain” article, in which I tried to inspire you to begin a hunt for some awesome day by day items. Pieces of what might be considered garbage, that usually end up trashed – while they are a source of unlimited potential, when it comes to terrain making. I wonder how it’s been for some of you – have you found some great ‘trash’? Made any awesome terrain pieces? I myself am working on my Gaming Terrain once more, (see: “The Colony: Special Project” article) and inspiration tend to tease me at every step. For example – yesterday I was taking a shower when I saw this piece of art:

Consol x1

Isn’t that a wonderfull thing? It just screams ‘I am a terrain piece – release me from this earthly form!’ Cosmetics plugs are a constant source of ideas for me – but this one just blown my mind!


  • Cosmetics plug,
  • Modelling Knife,
  • Super Glue,
  • Piece of Plasticard,
  • Plastik round base,


Consol 5

Instead of usual step-by-step I will just give you a hint of how this one was done. First of all I separated the plug from the rest of the bottle. Removed the upper part, then started to cut some small pieces of plasticard. Once I had enought pieces I used glue to compose a small town that fitted ‘inside the dome’. I used plasticard to make four legs for this ‘futuristic console’, put them together and mounted whole thing on the base. After that I just sprayed whole thing with white and made some smudges with a sandy colour. In the end I mounted the dome back on top of the plug – that’s it 🙂

Here are some pictures:

Consol x2

Consol x4

Consol x3

Consol 1

Consol 3

So, now I have a Console to fit into an Objective Room – hope to bring more pieces like this to life in near fiture 😉


Two days later...

ao Consoles

Alternative ‘dirty’ colour scheme on a new, simple approach to the consoles. Options are unlimited…







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CtanPosted on  11:49 am - Mar 17, 2016

Wow, just awesome idea and execution!


HydraPosted on  12:35 pm - Apr 6, 2016

So frikking awesome!!!


NazrothPosted on  4:14 pm - Apr 6, 2016

Thanks to both of you guys 🙂 Glad you like it.


John TenzerPosted on  4:10 pm - Apr 21, 2016

Freaking Genius..! 😯


ChristianPosted on  2:47 pm - Apr 15, 2017


Is it ok for you if we share this on brueckenkopf-online.com? Will of course link to your page! 🙂


StevePosted on  3:24 pm - Apr 15, 2017

I’m gonna “borrow” this idea. Great way to use some remaining plasticard I seem to collect.


craftworldPosted on  3:48 am - Apr 16, 2017

freaking awesome!

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