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Tutorial: DIY Infinity Console

Tutorial: DIY Infinity Console

Welcome to Modelling Infinity Console tutorial, a short Step-by-step trip through a process of creating Consoles perfect for objective markers in Infinity the Game and other Sci-fi wargames. 
You may consider this article to be an extension of “Tutorial: Infinity ‘Do It Yourself’ Gaming Terrain”, in which I tried to inspire you to hunt for some awesome everyday items. Pieces of what might be considered garbage, and yet an awesome source of unlimited potential, when it comes to scenery making.


Before we start, some notes:

  • This article is from 16 March 2016 and was (thanks to popularity of over 13000 visits!) recently refreshed with new pictures and description. 
  • Consoles presented in the pictures might be a bit tattered due to being old.
  • As usual, please take note that what works for me might not necessarily work for you.



The story behind the idea is rather trivial. Years back I was taking a shower, saw my wife’s shower gel bottle and was instantly struck by a surge of inspiration. Colored, clear top element was just too cool to pass by. Transformation from a shower gel plug to a tiny console came natural. Just see for yourself.



I used:

  • Fa Shower Gel plug,
  • Hobby Knife, Hobby Cutters, Super Glue,
  • Random trash,


Step one: Main Body

I started by cutting off the plug and pulling out the acrylic part. I then used a hobby knife to thin down the bottom of the acrylic part so that it went in and out smoothly. 

Step two: Support

Back in the days I cut 3mm thick PCV and created four legs for the console. On the next attempt, being more experienced, I used an old Spray nozzle. Since then I tested a lot of random stuff, but given a choice I prefer the nozzle above anything else. One man’s trash is another man’s awesome Console support!

Step three: Detail

Thin pieces of PCV, lollipop sticks, Airsoft Gun ceramic balls, plastic miniatures bitz – anything will do for an awesome filler. The idea behind the console is a 3d hologram of a city space, or and enhanced molecule view. Whatever is put inside and sprayed white will look great. I leave this to your imagination.

Step four: Paint job

I painted entire console white to fit my own gaming board. Looking back I strongly recommend painting the inside white to take advantage of the vibrant color mounted on top. Other than that anything will do. 

Final result:

Since 2016 I made few dozen consoles. These, being the first set, will always have a special place in my heart. 



Bonus Pic: (different scenery piece)

I hope you like the article. If it ever inspires you to make your own Fa Shower Gel consoles, be sure to tag me at Facebook @scarhandpainting or Instagram _scarhandpainting so I can enjoy your work. Cheers!


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CtanPosted on11:49 am - Mar 17, 2016

Wow, just awesome idea and execution!

HydraPosted on12:35 pm - Apr 6, 2016

So frikking awesome!!!

NazrothPosted on4:14 pm - Apr 6, 2016

Thanks to both of you guys 🙂 Glad you like it.

John TenzerPosted on4:10 pm - Apr 21, 2016

Freaking Genius..! 😯

ChristianPosted on2:47 pm - Apr 15, 2017


Is it ok for you if we share this on brueckenkopf-online.com? Will of course link to your page! 🙂

StevePosted on3:24 pm - Apr 15, 2017

I’m gonna “borrow” this idea. Great way to use some remaining plasticard I seem to collect.

craftworldPosted on3:48 am - Apr 16, 2017

freaking awesome!

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