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Some of the recent opinions I got from my friends.

(To which I’m very grateful – once again many thanks)

“The paint job looks just as good as on the pics, they’re really really nice! The bases are so cool and the haze effect! The armor did turn out lighter than I thought, but is still nice. And that’s about the only nitpick I can think of, but obviously that’s neither your fault nor a big deal.

So yeah, I’m really happy with them, thanks again!” GALLERY: INFINITY OTHER

“Hi man. The models are here. I have to say your packaging is so good that I suspect you work for shipping company in real life. Anyway, they look so cool in my hands. Way better than the pictures” GALLERY: INFINITY OPERATION ICE STORM


“Oh…… my…….. god O_O

I fu**ing love them! THey look more awesome than I ever would have expected .. f*ck I love the minis and can’t wait for the next game. Thank you mate you did such a great masterpiece! You can be so proud of them! (and me too now as the owner *g*) :-))))))” GALLERY: LOBOTOMY

“Package has arrived and the models look fantastic! No issues with any of the models, no breakage at all. Already got Josh’s models to him and he is very happy as well. Models as always looks great, will say my favs are the Garuda and Knauf.” GALLERY: INFINITY NEOTERRA lvl 3

The models look even better in person! You know its good when my girlfriend heard how much they cost and didn’t complain :}> thanks so much for the great work! GALLERY: INFINITY QAPU KHALQI lvl 4

“Hello my friend. The package arrived safe and sound. Excellent packaging. A+. Everything came in perfect condition and everything looks gorgeous. My girlfriend loves them.


“Stunning Artwork, great convertion and excellent packing” GALLERY: “MOTONOBZ SPECIAL” PROJECT

“I was looking for a painter for so long, checking up various pages offers but non hit my tastes… that is until I found Maciej.
There is always this hint of mistery what you will get from a painter, how will he interpritate your instructions. I have to admit first photos were a dark but the ones for the finished product were astonishing. Love them even more in real, since  there are subtle touches that tickle my fancy. Overall amazing work it was a pleasure to commission you.”=
Till the next project” GALLERY: INFINITY HAQQISLAM lvl 4

“I really, really love them! 😀 They look so much better in real than on the pictures(and they already looked awsome there 🙂 ). My favourite Models are oily Burt (you really did a great job on the oily Spots), The First Mate and of course Zipp – Don Karnage – himself! :)” GALLERY: MALIFAUX ZIPP’S CREW lvl 4

“Everything was delivered without damage. I like the miniatures very much. Awesome!” GALLERY: INFINITY PANOCEANIA lvl 4

“Absolutely gorgeous and even better looking than the picturesWill buy more 10/10” EBAY AUCTION: AVE DOMINUS NOX

“So finally the minis arrived at my place! After sorting them Into my showcase and look at them close they look incredible awesome!!’ better than on the pictures (and the pictures were really stunning too)


“This was my first experience with having my models professionally painted, and I couldn’t have been happier with the results.  Nazroth helped me from the onset of the project with color choices (went for the classic pano blue in the end), the level of painting by giving me multiple examples, and when it came time to start the project, even ordered the models and bases for me to help on shipping costs (he even helped me tack on additional models to the project as I was learning infinity and finding new models I needed).  During the project (which he completed weeks ahead of time) he would send multiple updates on the project, making sure I was involved and keeping me up to date on the process.  At the end of the project, he shipped them to the US and they all arrived in perfect condition, and were 10x better looking in person.  Have recommended him to everyone who sees my army (which receives regular compliments) and will use him for any future painting needs I have (already have round 2 started).” GALLERY: INFINITY NEOTERRA lvl 3

“The minis arrived and nothing could ever harm them because you packed them really high proffessional and with lots of foam so it was really a joy unboxing it 🙂 They look astonishing in real life and as a happy Family toegther. I really like the painting scheme and am glad that we chose to do it that way. The OSL is awesome. You are a real Artist producing small masterpieces! Great !

Thank you so much! :-)” GALLERY: INFINITY ALEPH lvl 4,5

“Awesome work! From thinking about having my mini’s painted to getting them in the mail the whole process went great.  Even from the U.S. the cost was competitive and the service was superior.  I had a Nomad TAG with pilot and a USARF Army assembled and painted.  When I got them back very quickly my fellow gamers said “What? Already? How are they?” Then I showed them the figures and they said “Wow! The Nomad battle cry on the leg. Is that the faction logo on the ankle? The Ariadna look just like the animations in the sectorial starter army book! And Check out those Dog warriors, awesome!” In Scarhand Painting I found a dedicated professional passionate about his craft.  Not a big company that will shelf your project until some random kid can stop by and bash it out.  My wife loved the faces on the female characters (they were all good but she looks out for her sisters lol) The eyes are often what makes or breaks the model and these were spot on. Not the oversized surprised eyes you often see. The final test? My wife didn’t ask ” why did you send your toys half way around the world to be painted?” She asked “When are you sending the next batch?” Communication was fast and clear through out the process. I knew what I was getting, how much it would cost, and when I was going to get it.  And I was pleasantly surprised when I got it to see it in person and that it was all safe and sound.  I will definitely be sending another commission soon!

“The package arrived today, no damage, packaging top+++, the minatures are all in good condition. Your paintjob is really awesome and you give a great pleasure to me. GALLERY: INFINITY USARIADNA lvl 3

“Unless you are really sure of what you want, please please please, give this guy as much of free will as possible. You will not regret this. I imagined my Morticians in black or violet, but they ended up being brown … and they look FANTASTIC! See for yourselves in the gallery.Big thumbs up! Next batch coming up soon 🙂

PS You will need a hammer and a chisel to unpack his package – you’ve been warned T_T” GALLERY: GUILD BALL MORTICIAN’S lvl 3,5

“The Gecko Mage Project was the first I did together with Scar_Hhnd paining. I am really suprised ot the details and quality of the final product and how much my ideas have been implemented in the conversion. The huge experience was recognizable in every mail!

The base product was a very detailed Newt Warrior from Darksword Miniatures and Scar_Hhnd paining producd an even more detailed Gecko Mage conversion exactly from my description with an incredible detailed and professionally done final product, which is now the centerpiece of my display.

Everyday when I see the miniature I am happy with the piece of art the miniature has become!” “GECKO MAGE” SPECIAL PROJECT

“Very simple : perfect in everything ! Great item, fast and secured shipping !” EBAY AUCTION: SPACE HULK

Guillermo Hernandez aka Magno, “I’ve searched for a commission source that will live up to my high expectations painted models on the table, I want well above tabletop standard, I want borderline display standard and I found that with Scar_hand painting. Easily one of the most professional, courteous, thorough and quality painters I’ve come across. The value is phenomenal and I’ll be using Scarhand for future commission needs.” GALLERY: INFINITY OTHER

“Miniatures are beautiful, they went through delivery without any damage. Tomorrow is their debut.” (translated) GALLERY: WARHAMMER 40,000 TAU

“I’m very satisfied with them! I was worried that the white would not look so smooth in person, but it is very nice. 100% satisfied with the paint and basing. ” GALLERY: INFINITY OTHER

I am very happy with my miniatures, my order was more on the “weird” side with unshaded white plus varnish for that “clean android” look on the armour parts, but Nazroth took my idea and forged it into a unified color scheme with contasting black, “edged” in white/creame, with an added crazy colour like techno-hair or electric-green/carrot-orange weapons. I was a little worried when i have seen the photos he sent me, but live, the models looked brilliant, just as he assured me. Nazroth has recently completed 3rd wave of models for me, and 4th one will follow shortly when Corvus will make enough new models…” (found in the forums) GALLERY: INFINITY ALEPTH and GALLERY: “PENTHESILEA” SPECIAL PROJECT

“Miniatures look absolutely gorgeous in the flesh; all the small modifications really make them stand out! Thank you for these! I’ll be sending you more miniatures to paint soon. :)” EPIC 40,000 TITAN LEGIONS

“Thanks! Regards for a perfect packaging, miniatures were delivered without any damage and I agree that in real life the miniatures look even better…” (translated) GALLERY: IMPERIAL FISTS

“Best packaging ever-Figs more beautiful in real than in photos-Recommended++++++” EBAY AUCTION: VAMPIRE COUNTS ARMY

“Just unwrapped everything – looks great – I especially like those Flash Gitz! Thanks Maciej  <smile>” WARHAMMER 40,000 ORKS

“I will not hesitate to recommend you to other companies and individuals” GALLERY: TERMINATOR GENISYS

  • “First of all big thanks for the way you have approached the topic, for real if anything, it made me certain that I commissioned this project to the right person…” (translated)
  • “I’m loving it. 🙂 And you weren’t kidding about the packing. So. I presume you’ll want paint some more :-)”
  • “They are looking mighty sweet! Those scenic bases are top notch.”
  • “They look great”
  • “I must wait a bit. Save Money then I want more from You”
  • “Perfect!!!!”
  • “Simply the best! A+++”
  • “Great to deal with – hassle free service…”
  • “Wunderschöne Miniaturen, schneller Versand! Ich bin sehr sehr zufrieden!”
  • “Great minis.just as photographed.very pleased.Thank you.”