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Colour Recipes: Infinity Aleph

Colour Recipes: Infinity Aleph

Here are some Colour Recipes for Aleph from Gallery: Infinity Aleph S.S.S. lvl 4. Please take note that this is a simple colour scheme, not covering multiple overlapping layers and blends in between, that lead to the final product. It is supposed to be used as guideline not a step-by-step.

BLACK/GREY armour & weapons:

Black Undercoat,

Panzer Dark Grey (Val),*

Fenrisian Grey (GW), l&p

Pallid Wych Flesh (GW), l&p

Dark Tone Ink (AP),

Pallid Wych Flesh (GW), l&p

PURPLE skin:

Warpfiend Grey (GW),

Slaanesh Grey (GW),

Mix Purple Tone Ink (AP) 2:1:1 Strong Tone Ink (AP), Medium,

Slaanesh Grey (GW), l&p

Mix Slaanesh Grey (GW) 1:1 Pale Wych Flesh (GW), l&p

CREAM armour:

Mix Wolf Grey (Val) 1:1 Fenrisian Grey (GW),

Ghost Grey (Val),

Mix Strong Tone Ink (AP) 1:1:1:1 Soft Tone Ink (AP), Flow Improover, Medium,

Off White (Val), l&p

PURPLE armour:

Hexen Lichen (Val),

Genestealer Purple (GW), flbr

Dechala Lilac (GW), l&p

Purple Tone Ink (AP),

Dechala Lilac (GW), l&p

Pale Wych Flesh (GW), l&p

l&p – lines and points,

p – points,

bl – blend,

gl – glaze,

drbr – drybrush,

flbr – flatbrush,

stpl – stippling,

*Airbrushed (with multiple layers and mixes)


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Mike ReadingPosted on8:20 pm - Mar 16, 2019

Thanks for showing what colours you used on this Aleph project.
It is really handy information for people wanting to replicate the same scheme or discovering what colours
can be used together

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