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Colour Recipes: Warhammer 40,000 Tau Empire

Colour Recipes: Warhammer 40,000 Tau Empire

Here are some Color Recipes for Warhammer 40,000 Tau Empire from Gallery: Tau Empire. Please take note that this is a simple color scheme, not covering multiple overlapping layers and blends in between, that lead to the final product. It is supposed to be used as guideline not a step-by-step.

White Armor:

Desert Tan (val primer),

White (val primer),

Scrofulous Brown (val),* stencil stripes

White (val), scratches

Clothes / Mesh:

Panzer Dark Grey (val a) *

– White Armor –

Panzer Dark Grey (val a), wash

Cold Grey (val a), flbr

CLOTHES: Strong Tone Ink (ap), wash


Panzer Dark Grey (val a),

Cold Grey (val), weathering, edge highlight


Smokey Ink (val), stpl

Desert Yellow (val a),*

German Red Brown (val primer), *

Blue OSL:

Light Sea Blue (val a), bl / *
White (val), l&p
Guilliman Blue (gw), glaze


German Red Brown (val primer),

Mix Martian Ironcrust (gw texture) 1:1 Martian Ironearth (gw texture), texture

Orange Fire (val), flbr

Lugganath Orange (gw), drbr

TUFT: Army Painter Wasteland Tuft

TUFT: Gamers Grass Burned Tuft

l&p – lines and points,

p – points,

dl – deep lining,

bl – blend,

gl – glaze,

drbr – drybrush,

flbr – flatbrush,

lobr – loaded brush,

stpl – stippling,

*Airbrushed (with multiple layers and mixes)


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