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Tutorial: Pre-priming HDF Preparation

Tutorial: Pre-priming HDF Preparation

During my long hobby journey I worked with a lot of HDF laser cut terrain. Many projects I was engaged with were not limited to products of a single company, thus I will speak from experience when I tell you that practically all HDF laser cut terrain shares a single flaw: Laser cut edges are scorched and that leads to the edge surface not being suitable for light color undercoat. Below I will show you a simple way to prepare HDF scenery for light color undercoat.


  • Vallejo Acrylic-Poliurethane Surface Primer paint,
  • Cheap old brush,
  • Water,

I picked Vallejo Desert Tan Surface Primer for two reasons. First it is a light, sandy color – compatible with light colors that I will be using afterwards, when trying to achieve a smooth white color of the scenery piece. Secondly, due to the paint being Acrylic-Poliurethane mix, which makes it fill any irregularities in the surface and still dry out into a solid, smooth layer.

*  Step one: I mixed Desert Tan paint 3:1 with water to make it easier to apply.

*  Step two: I applied the mix onto the HDF edge surfaces with an old, large brush.

*  Step three: I removed the excess paint from the sides of the HDF and applied it to the largest edge areas.

Once dried up, it looked like this. Kind of messy, but it totally disappears after proper undercoat, leaving both the edges and the sides smooth…

Here’s the same piece after one layer of Vallejo Desert Tan airbrushed all over it. Smooth…

And examples of finished scenery…

Hope this one is helpful. If you have your own methods of preparing HDF before undercoating – please drop me an e-mail at contact@scarhandpainting.com – I would love to learn new hobby stuff 🙂


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Łukasz PerzanowskiPosted on8:03 am - Aug 18, 2018

I have a different approach. I use automotive spray primer for all hdf terrain I paint. The trick is to first use a black matt one which has the greatest coverage and seals the scorched edges. Then it’s easy amd you can either continue with grey and white spray paint or airbrush acrylics.

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