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Hobby Advice: BLU TACK – Your best friend…

Hobby Advice: BLU TACK – Your best friend…

Brushes, paints, even entire hobby desks – they come and go. It doesn’t matter how much I like particular pot of paint or a hobby tool. At some point everything gets old and I simply got used to part ways with almost every hobby related item. There has ever been just one friend that stick and grew alongside me throughout the years. I dedicate this article to my fav support teammate. Let’s talk Blu Tack!

Blu Tack is an adhesive, reusable putty-like mass. The most known “original” comes by that name, but you can find different variations of the stuff all over the internet and not all come in traditional blue. It can be used to attach lightweight objects to any dry surfaces, but also as a painting tool.

He Protec

Spilled paint, toothpicks all over the place, airbrush on the floor in a pool of spilled exhaust waste… not for me. While I drown in righteous fury, punishing miniatures with relentless brush strokes, my friend Blu Tac holds the objective – keeping the surroundings in one piece. Literally…

but He Also Attac

Once the creative fury abates, allowing me to paint with sniper-like calm, using both precision and cunning – Blu Tack takes the fight to the front line, lending me his strength by pinning targets in place and covering important areas…

Plus He Grows with You

Most importantly Blu Tack is like a mythological hero. It doesn’t die, it doesn’t get old. It builds mass with every new batch added to the body. It is a friend that throughout our painting adventure never let me down and always had my back. I know I can count on it, no matter what new challenges we will face next! Blu Tack is love. Blu Tack is god!

Do you know and use Blu Tack in your hobbying, or did you just learned of it through this article? Lemme know in the comments or at Facebook! Cheers!


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Bat ManPosted on2:36 pm - Apr 22, 2019

Bwhahaha! I love the last pic.

I must have Blutacs’ Evil Twin Brother. Cuz he tears paint off my walls and refuses to leave my minis when it comes time to paint them! “What’s the matter? C.I.A got you pushing too many pencils!?!”

NazrothPosted on5:18 pm - Apr 22, 2019

Thanks for the comment! I see you got the reference 😛
I found that to remove Blu Tack from miniatures (especially underside of a base) it is good to use another piece of it. Blu Tack would rather stick to itself instead of the miniature. Can’t help about the walls tho 😉

WizzyPosted on11:27 pm - Apr 22, 2019

I know the Blu Tack ^^ Personally I prefer the yellow version of the patafix blu tack, more soft, less sticky, less traces.
A Model painter has made a comparison in French of different manufacturers (not all are identical) here: http://www.master194.com/encyclo/patafix/patafix.htm
Best regards ^^/

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