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I am a passionate hobby freelancer providing professional miniatures painting services.
More than two decades in the hobby, hundreds of finished projects, distinct painting style – resulting in scores of happy customers – now at your disposal.

Why you should choose Scarhandpainting?

  • Reliable solid service.
  • Fast turnaround time and worldwide shipping.
  • Complex service including basing, conversions, pinning, magnetizing.
  • Seven different quality painting levels to cater to your specific needs and budget. (see below)
  • Project continuation (palette saved for future projects).
  • Smooth communication.
  • Experienced with many different games and manufacturers.
  • Can purchase miniatures for you locally. 
  • In the market for over five years.
  • Deep love for both old school and new miniatures.
  • Vast portfolio of projects (see examples).


Tired of playing with unpainted miniatures?
I’ve got your back! Scarhandpainting is your go to Miniatures Painting service.
My goal is to turn your pile of lifeless plastic into a vivid collection and I’m here to help you go through the entire process.
Answer a few questions and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

I respond within 24 hours. Check your SPAM folder if you do not receive a response by then.

Below is some additional information about my services that you might find helpful. 



The painting levels translate into the end visual effect of the miniature. Level 3 “Fast & Furious” reflects my standard painting quality the best. The lower the painting level, the lower quality of shading, number of layers and details, followed by a more restricted color scheme. In the contrary higher level means that the color scheme, number of layers, color depth, shading and highlights will be more advanced and of better quality.

Learn more about painting levels at PAINTING LEVELS


I work fast. These days I’m booked about six months in advance, after which it usually takes about up to three months to complete a large project. The completion schedule might vary depending on the size and quality of a commission along with other pending projects. I keep track of all planned projects and will inform you beforehand about both the schedule and turnabout time.

Take a peek at my current PROJECTS SCHEDULE to learn more.


Pricing is set individually for each particular model. In order for me to precisely price a project I will ask you to provide this information:

  • A precise list and quantity of miniatures,
  • Chosen level for the miniatures to be painted at, (see PAINTING LEVELS),
  • Current state of the miniatures (are they brand new out of the box? Glued, prepared with mold lines removed? Are they ready to be painted?),
  • Special wishes (for example same color scheme as on the box, conversions, custom made bases, removable parts, diorama, pinning etc.),


Custom made bases, pinning, dynamic repositioning, conversions, neodymium magnets & detachable pieces, object source light, painting according to a certain sample, varnish protective coat, freehands, dioramas, etc. are all additional ‘on demand’ options. I will be happy to provide all the information about these services.


The shipment is at the customer’s expense. I assure you that your miniatures will be protected during return shipment. I use either the Post Office or a Courier (DHL/GLS/UPS).

Learn more about return shipment at SHIPMENT

Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or a commission.