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KoW Armada: Expanding Collection Guide

Ahoy Sailors! As you know I am most and foremost a passionate hobbyist. That being said I am also a pirate, a scoundrel and a fanatical enthusiast of Mantic Games Kings of War: Armada. The latter resulted in a few gaming/strategy related articles, one of which you found yourself reading right now.

Kings of War: Armada is a naval strategy game set in a rich world of Pannithor, pitting multiple wonderfully crafted and strongly themed factions against one another. Divided between a Fleet Starter, a Fleet Booster and multiple individual sets, each faction comes with a range of ships and units to choose from. It is quite common for new players to ask what to purchase next in order to expand a collection. Today I would like to present to you a quick guide to Kings of War: Armada purchases. 

Collection Tiers

Although each Armada fleet differs from one another, they all seem to follow a similar path from first purchase up to a complete collection. To keep things easy I have divided collection sizes into tiers, each of which represents a certain milestone allowing for more list building flexibility and in-game shenanigans. When considering how to expand your existing collection, treat tiers as casual guidelines. If for example you own a Fleet Starter and a Fleet Booster, consider adding anything missing from tier 2, preferably in order it is presented. This should, in theory, expand your collection in a way that offers new playstyles, diversity and a power boost.

Tier 1: Basic

  • One Fleet Starter,
  • One Fleet Booster,

This tier represents the usual entry point into Armada. A relatively low price start, allowing for a number of builds within a 150-250pts. range.

Tier 2: Standard

  • XL Ship*,
  • Second Fleet Starter,
  • Second Fleet Booster,
  • One Fliers Booster,
  • Armada Magic Deck,

This tier, once achieved, is a golden tournament standard. An XL* Main Battle Ship, along with a pair of L and multiple M, backed with an array of Support Ships allows for flexible list building, enabling different playstyles and archetypes within a faction. Some players will stop right here, all tools already available.

* if available to your faction.

Tier 3: Advanced

  • Support Ships up to a total of four each, (single ship packs)
  • Second XL Ship*,
  • Second Fliers Booster,

Last tier is a complete collection including everything that you will ever need to build a wide range of 150-250pts. lists honed for specific scenarios and/or archetypes. Four copies od each Support Ship and a second XL allows for some edge case combo lists. Second pair of fliers, while not necessary, is always good to have, just in case of local meta going flier heavy in the future.

* if available to your faction.

Secret Tier X: Beyond

  • Whatever floats your boat,

There’s no real gameplay advantage of adding more sets after tier 3, unless you plan on playing some huge climactic naval battles. Armada miniatures are truly beautiful and full of detail, thus I won’t judge you for further expanding your collection. 

I hope you find this article entertaining. Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments below or via Facebook or Instagram. I would also appreciate if you considered sharing this content with your hobby buds, who might find it useful. Finally if you are looking for a professional miniatures painting service be sure to contact me via this contact form. I always reply within 24 hours, after which please check out your spam folder.


KoW Armada: Empire of Dust is Stronger than You Think

Ahoy Sailors! As you know I am most and foremost a passionate hobbyist. That being said I am also a pirate, a scoundrel and a fanatical enthusiast of Mantic Games Kings of War: Armada. The latter resulted in a few strategy related articles, one of which you found yourself reading right now.

If you still don’t know what Kings of War: Armada is, I strongly invite you to read some of the previous Armada related articles. In short Kings of War: Armada is a naval strategy game set in a rich world of Pannithor, pitting multiple wonderfully crafted and strongly themed factions against one another. Today I would like to focus on one such a faction and especially some common misconceptions surrounding it.

The Empire of Dust is ‘Weak’… not really

The Empire of Dust has it all. It has the looks, the special rules, ships of all sizes, access to all kinds of weapons, and yet it is commonly addressed as being weak and requiring a buff. Whereas some other factions are pretty one dimensional when it comes to list building and playstyle, the EoD comes across as a more advanced, ‘difficult’ fleet. The main fleet theme seem divided between particular ships and is very polarized. With devastating weaponry being shoved on top of Large and Extra Large ships, in exchange for extra Crew Strength and speed being transferred to Medium Main Battleships, it might seem like if the fleet as a whole, doesn’t know if it wants to shoot or board or both. Additionally, thanks to Kopeshiis being the most expensive Medium Main Battleships across the entire game, the list building process for the EoD is rather intimidating. It gets even harder when you realize that compared to other factions, the Slave Squadrons, which are supposed to be fillers, are also priced premium.
So yes, all of these issues might result in a faction being perceived as overall weak. Except it’s not! The Empire of dust is just difficult to master as I have learned the hard way…

Empire of Dust Main Archetype

The Empire of Dust has a very strong, although somehow hidden theme of heavy artillery bombardment. I wrote “hidden” even though the theme is there in plain sight. This is because at first glance, not all EoD ships seem to go along with the archetype. It is somehow unusual for an Armada fleet and might confuse players that are relatively new to the game. 

The theme is centered around Large War Galleys and Extra Large Monoliths Main Battleships, both types packing Indirect Weapons (IDW) on the sides. There is no other fleet with an array of Broadside mounted IDWs. This is an exception throughout the entire game and has some huge list building and gameplay ramifications.

  • Broadside mounted IDW can Fire as She Bears!
  • Broadside mounted IDW can Rake!
  • You can increase the value of Broadside Mounted IDW with Additional Weaponry upgrade from Seas Aflame.
  • Instead of going straight for the enemy, you can maintain a comfortable distance and still shoot with a Broadside Mounted IDW.

The rest of the EoD fleet is clearly honed to provide support for the L and XL centerpieces, mostly by intercepting hostile ships, engaging them up close and denying access to EoD artillery pieces, thus extending the ‘Bombardment’ duration.

  • Kopeshii – Fast and potent Boarding Action interceptor, Objective runner, finisher.
  • Dust Chaser – Cheap roadblock, damage sponge, screener.
  • Soul Hunter – Close range area denial (Soul Thirst) support, self sustaining additional Artillery piece.
  • Slave Squadron – Mobile, Objective grabbing, first aid kit.
  • Bone Dragon – Mobile, self sustaining (healing), harassing skirmisher, finisher. 
  • Scavenger Flock – Cheap, fast, flier interceptor.

Further main archetype improvements come from EoD’s Upgrades, Magic Upgrades and Captains.

  • Hig-Priest T’mork allows to deploy a Main Battleship anywhere on the board at the end of second game turn. Positioning a potent Artillery centerpiece behind enemy fleet with full SP and ready to begin bombardment – anyone?
  • Arkhanten the Cursed Slayer bounces back enemy misses of “1” increasing damage output regardless of range, but especially up close where it becomes a bit uncomfortable for the EoD to face enemy ships. Ideal for a more aggressive build.
  • Balefire is a key EoD upgrade, enhancing each IDW hit with +1dmg and Fire. Resulting Blaze markers will exponentially mitigate enemy ability to deal damage, forcing them to either forego shooting, or risk a 16,66% chance of getting blown to shreds on a failed Fire Extinguish test. In Armada, an auto Blaze on dmg is a rare thing, most Blaze dealing requires an additional dice roll.
  • Windblast can be used when in a tight spot, to clear the length of an enemy ship then turn and Rake, or just to gain distance. Multiple uses can exponentially speed up an otherwise slow ship. 
  • Soul Snare is a (rare in terms of the game) healing on damage dealt. Instead of Grappling, punish the enemy ship for it’s Crew Strength and Repair yourself in the process. This item goes well with a layer of close range defenses (Soul Thirst, Kopeshiis with Curse of Undeath and Terror ready to close in and entangle in Boarding Action) plus some IDW being capable of Point Blank Raking Fire on top.

Empire of Dust has partial access to Oars and Light Oars which makes positioning for a kill or simply keeping a healthy artillery formation so much easier. Entire fleet also benefits from Curse of the Undeath, potentially mitigating results of enemy Boarding attempts.

Finally, stat wise, the EoD excels at Nerve Value and this in not a coincidence. With a bulk of the fleet serving as speed bumps and reliable obstacles, high Nerve Value translates into their survivability, resulting in increased duration of the ongoing artillery bombardment served by the main pieces. 

Once you take a deep dive, everything in Empire of Dust revolves around the main theme

The Empire of Dust List Building

So now that we’ve toppled the main archetype of the Empire of Dust, where does this leave us in terms of list building? First of all the EoD should definitely be built around L or XL centerpieces. Being ‘forced’ to field a War Galley or a Monolith is a bit of a crutch, but at the same time these ships are probably what drove you into playing the Empire of Dust in the first place, so… there’s that. Once you decide between aggressive and passive playstyle and build an appropriate configuration for a centerpiece, just fill the remaining points with a protective screen of Kopeshii (s), and a mix of Support Ships that best suit that playstyle.

Off course I could go for another round over each ship and describe in detail what it does and how to use it, but at this point you probably already have a grasp on what each ship’s roll is. Plus there’s no better learning process than to play the actual game, so instead, allow me to present some Ship Configuration ideas that I myself use. This should allow you to intuitively place a ship on a mental power scale and ‘feel’ it’s designated role.

  • The Monolith / Shobek’s Wrath

Veteran Crew, Balefire, Additional Weaponry (Broadside) – IDW+1, Magical Rudder/Soul Snare, Lucky Crew/Master Gunner.

Veteran Crew, Balefire, Arkhanten the Cursed Slayer, Kedge Anchor, Soul Snare.

  • War Galley

Veteran Crew, Balefire, Additional Weaponry (Broadside) – IDW+1, Lucky Crew/Master Gunner.

Veteran Crew, Balefire, Arkhanten the Cursed Slayer, Soul Snare.

  • Kopeshii

Veteran Crew, Ogre Mercenaries, Fire Oil.

  • Dust Chaser

Inexperienced Crew, Sturdy Construction.

  • Soul Hunter

Regular Crew/Veteran Crew, Crow’s Nest.

Regular Crew/Veteran Crew, Sturdy Construction.

  • Slave Squadron

Inexperienced Crew/Regular Crew.

Sample Fleet Lists

Below are sample EoD lists that, in my opinion, represent the EoD preferred archetype well.

Monolith: Veteran Crew, Balefire, Additional Broadside, Magical Rudder, Lucky Crew. 137p.
Kopeshii: Veteran Crew, Ogre Mercenaries, Fire Oil. 54p.
Dust Chaser: Inexperienced Crew, Sturdy Construction. 13p.
Dust Chaser: Inexperienced Crew, Sturdy Construction. 13p.
Soul Hunter: Veteran Crew. 24p.
Slave Squadron. 9p.

Monolith: Veteran Crew, Balefire, Additional Broadside, Magical Rudder, Lucky Crew. 137p.
Kopeshii: Regular Crew, Ogre Mercenaries, Fire Oil. 45p.
Slave Squadron. 9p
Slave Squadron. 9p

War Galley: Veteran Crew, Balefire, Additional Broadside, Lucky Crew. 89p.
Kopeshii: Veteran Crew, Ogre Mercenaries, 52p.
Dust Chaser: Inexperienced Crew, Sturdy Construction. 13p.
Dust Chaser: Inexperienced Crew, Sturdy Construction. 13p.
Soul Hunter: Veteran Crew. 24p.
Slave Squadron. 9p.

All in all the Empire of Dust is a solid faction, on par with other Armada fleets, offering an interesting (if somehow rigid) playstyle. It is hard to master which might lead to some initial disappointments, but once you put some games in and get a grasp of how things work, the EoD is a very rewarding fleet. Is it good in everything? No. Is it good in some things? Oh yeah, definitely. Is it fun to play? Totally!

I hope you find this article entertaining. Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments below or via Facebook or Instagram. I would also appreciate if you considered sharing this content with your hobby buds, who might find it useful. Finally if you are looking for a professional miniatures painting service be sure to contact me via this contact form. I always reply within 24 hours, after which please check out your spam folder.


KoW Armada: Does Size Matter?

Ahoy Sailors! As you know I am most and foremost a passionate hobbyist. That being said I am also a pirate, a scoundrel and a fanatical enthusiast of Mantic Games Kings of War: Armada. The latter resulted in a few strategy related articles, one of which you found yourself reading right now.

Kings of War: Armada is a game of fantastical sea warfare. Set in a rich world of Pannithor the Armada clashes wonderfully crafted and strongly themed factions against one another. As much as miniatures go, KoW Armada offers a selection of beautiful miniatures from across multiple factions, with more being released every few months. These ships vary in size and power from Tiny Squadrons zigzagging between larger vessels to XL flagships capable of dealing devastating damage with a single broadside. With size comes the firepower and capacity but at a cost of speed and maneuverability. Is a spamy fleet capable of competing with a centerpiece type fleet? Is, in general, a particular ship size more optimal than the other? Today I will ponder a question: 

Does Size Matter?

Let’s start by stating the obvious: Yes, in Armada the size does matter a lot. The larger a ship, the more firepower it brings and the more devastation it is capable of with a single Activation. But large size does not come without some drawback, most obvious being speed and maneuverability. A ship’s hull can be bristling with guns, but what if it is unable to draw a proper line of fire to a group of smaller, more agile enemy ships? Let’s talk about pros and cons of large size and see if they hold merit.

* The larger the ship the more guns it brings.

Large ships are more expensive and so they pack more guns than their smaller counterparts. Having more guns allows them to deal more damage in a single Activation. So much so as to potentially Cripple or even Sink an enemy ship (or ships!) before subsequent Activation.
Interestingly, more often than not, the same points value spent on a variety of smaller Main Battle Ships will result in more guns on the gaming board. This is obvious to see for some factions, while a bit more obscured for others. Basilean fleet, being pretty vanilla, with same type of armaments across all three Main Battle Ships, is perfect to represent this:
A Basilean Dictator has less broadside guns than three Elohis combined. 2H less to be precise.
Basilean Dictator: 90pts, 4H, 3L, 3C
Basilean Abess: 62pts, 3H, 2L, 2C
Basilean Elohi: 30pts, 2H, 1L, 1C

* Larger size equals more upgrade slots.

Capacity increases with size, which allows for more upgrades for a ship. This can lead to some pretty nasty combos or just increase efficiency of some upgrades. For example a Master Gunner allows for a reroll of an entire salvo. This upgrade has a much more impact on a Dictator’s devastating salvo of 4H, 3L and 3C, than on Elohi’s 2H, 1L and 1C. Furthermore it will cost three times the cost of a Master Gunner, to equip three Elohi’s.
Fielding a variety of smaller ships is not without it’s merits though, as it allows to add important fleet-wide-buff upgrades for cheap and not take up a valuable slot on an expensive vessel. More so, the cost of such upgrades can be decreased by degrading a Crew Level to Inexperienced. “Okarina of Korgaan” and “War Drum of Spite” are good examples. Of course nothing prevents mixing ship sizes to achieve the same result. 

* Larger ships have more Crew Strength.

Large ships pack a lot more CS, which means a huge advantage over smaller opponents during Boarding Actions. Advantage that is not mitigated by the current Multiple Grapple rules. Even though most Large and Extra Large ships might be unable to grapple fast moving enemy ships (Full Speed etc.), usually there will be some opportunities to do so throughout the game. Furthermore having high CS ensures fast Ongoing Boarding Action resolution, thus freeing a larger ship from being pinned by a smaller, cheaper vessel.
On the other hand a single powerful ship can become entangled in melee, thus significantly reducing the firepower of an entire fleet. A fleet of more ships will still be mostly operational if one get’s caught in a Boarding Action, allowing the rest to deal damage and go after objectives unhindered.

* More Structure Points in one place for larger ships.

Larger ships come with more Structure Points, which makes them more difficult to Cripple/Sink, resulting in more time of full effectiveness. A fleet composed of three Elohis will probably gradually lose it’s firepower while ships get damaged and subsequently Crippled, or Sunk. At the same time a single Dictator can be expected to stay operational for longer, before reaching the threshold.

* Repairs Bonus.

Large and Extra Large ships receive a Repairs bonus of +2 SP regained with a Repairs action.
Multiple smaller ships, faster and more maneuverable by default, are capable of putting constant pressure on a larger vessel, while being able to take turns, speeding out of immediate danger to undertake Repairs.

* Area of effect.

Thanks to the size of their bases, L and XL ships are easier to Rake enemy ships. Wider Broadside is easier to position for a solid Raking Fire. This leads to larger ships being more difficult to go around and combined with high durability, makes them perfect area denial pieces. 

* Speed decreases with size.

The larger a ship the slower it usually is. High Movement allows to go around slow enemy ships, zoom out of danger and go after objectives. Fast ships are capable of crossing the entire board in a matter of barely few Activations, resulting in a much higher effective range of their weaponry.

* Maneuverability decreases with size.

On top of a (usually) yellow Turn Arc, larger ship bases are more difficult to maneuver with. More so, L and XL movement is more hindered by Sandbanks, Islands and dense battlefields.
This can be partially mitigated with Kedge Anchor and Magical Rudder upgrades.

* Less is sometimes more.

Large and Extra Large ships are points intense. Adding these to a list results in a small size fleet, which in turn leads to easier general maneuvering. Wielding a numerous fleet is not an easy task, potential collisions dealing high amount of self inflicted damage. 

* Some scenarios favor small size.

While a large SP count is good, there are some scenarios that favor smaller ship sizes and/or greater numbers. Not every scenario devolves into sinking more enemy ships.

* Large targets are easier to Hit.

L and XL ships are easier to hit, providing an additional +1 To-Hit bonus for shooting opponents. There is a catch though. Due to how Partial Visibility rules work, S ships are unable to gain Full Visibility to XL ships when side by side.

And now we’re left with a question: Go big or go for numbers? There’s not a straight answer. Extra Large ships are monsters, capable of dominating entire game. They are though, reliable and deadly. On the other hand Large and Medium size ships are just as well optimized and excel in areas outside of XL’s capabilities. Are Extra Large ships overpowered? Certainly not. Are they generally “better”? Maybe, depending on the faction, but not by a large margin. My guts tells me they are just easier to successfully implement in a game. I am inclined towards an opinion that in time, when meta clarifies and players get used to everyday maneuvering, we will see a shift from more cumbersome XLs towards Medium and Large. Regardless, with how well balanced Armada seem to be right now, the XLs are definitely worth the points investment and are fun to wield. I for one, love me some of that Dictator swinging and greatly enjoy having an Extra Large ship on the table. If you haven’t already, be sure to give Extra Large ships a try. GLHF.

I hope you find this article entertaining. Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments below or via Facebook or Instagram. I would also appreciate if you considered sharing this content with your hobby buds, who might find it useful. Finally if you are looking for a professional miniatures painting service be sure to contact me via this contact form. I always reply within 24 hours, after which please check out your spam folder.

Many thanks to M.L., R.Z. and K.R. for providing valuable input. Your feedback and suggestions is what made this article possible.


KoW Armada: Faction Guide

Ahoy Sailors! As you know I am most and foremost a passionate hobbyist. That being said I am also a pirate, a scoundrel and a fanatical enthusiast of Mantic Games Kings of War: Armada. The latter resulted in few strategy related articles, one of which you found yourself reading right now.

Kings of War: Armada is a game of fantastical sea warfare. Set in a rich world of Pannithor the Armada clashes wonderfully crafted and strongly themed factions against one another. As much as miniatures go, KoW Armada offers a selection of beautiful miniatures from across four factions, with more being released every few months. These factions vary between themselves, not just visually but also on-tabletop, offering different playstyles, themes, strengths and weaknesses. Below I will focus on each faction individually, pointing out some pros and cons, but also offering insight into possible strategies.

Before we start, some notes:

  • I’m not a professional data analyst, might be wrong on some observations. I base my conclusions on data and personal on-tabletop experience. In case of newest releases my assumptions are purely speculative so take it with a pinch of salt. 
  • Math and notes behind average fleet stats can be found in this google spreadsheet.
  • Any tactics and archetypes described here might be influenced by your local meta and scenarios being played.
  • Average Faction strengths does not include Fliers.
  • As more new factions get introduced an Average baseline will start to change. Factions that are now top 2 on certain stats, might fall from grace. I decided not to revisit older factions each time new one gets introduced, but rather make an update every once in a while. The reason is convenience. In my opinion if a certain faction was in the very top of certain average stat, it will still be high, regardless if new faction steals the spotlight.

Basilean – Cleric Faction.

Cheapest on average, best SP to points cost ratio. Not standing out at anything except Move, SP/point cost ratio, healing and damage reduction capabilities (Aegis Shield, Blessed Hull, Light of Ekhos, Halo of Light, Helping Hand).

Ship of interest: Gur Panther with 28SP for 12pts, can be used to screen Heavy Hitters from enemy fire, providing closest target to enemy inexperienced/standard crewed ships.

Basileans can cheat activation order (Jaymes Ellias) to deal unexpected (both direction) broadsides pain with a Heavy Hitter.

Strategy proposal: Avoid close quarters, make use of H, L, IDW going slow and with a side to enemy fleet, while also repairing damage suffered. Going slow means hitting easier, but also being hit easier, here’s where repairing comes into play. Once close go in between enemy ships and fire both ways. Use Gur Panthers for screen against Ram and incoming fire.

Basilean Average strengths:

Movement to cost ratio,
Nerve to cost ratio,
*Structure Points to cost ratio,
Crew Strength to cost ratio,
*Heavy weapons to cost ratio,
Light Weapons to cost ratio,
Close Quarters Weapons to cost ratio,
Indirect Weapons to cost ratio,
Red Turning Angle availability,

Orc – Berserker faction.

Least durable, but also good SP to points cost ratio makes Orcs a Glass Cannon faction. Orc main strength is Boarding Action, ease and damage increase with which it comes into play (Ram, Morax, War Drum of Spite, Ensnared, Rabble Rousing, Grappling Arm, Crew Strength, Let’s Get Them). Although Orcs excell in boarding, they can also pack a solid punch. There’s a tone of C weapons which can be buffed to a point of madness (Morguns, Yinn Greythunder) and can be leveraged for good positioning (Gorfang Bluejaw).

Strategy proposal: Go hard and fast using Boomboats to disorganize and divide enemy fleet formation (IDW). Fish for solo easy targets with important Heavy Hitters, while ganging up on enemy Heavies with your cheap stuff, ram (deal some damage), immobilize (grapple) and keep them occupied – guns silent, move into position with your Heavies and bomb entire cluster into splinters, cheap Orc ships included. In late game use boomboats to their maximum potential, shooting all directions amidst enemy ships.

Orc Average strengths:

Movement to cost ratio,
Nerve to cost ratio,
Structure Points to cost ratio,
*Crew Strength to cost ratio,
Heavy weapons to cost ratio,
Light Weapons to cost ratio,
*Close Quarters Weapons to cost ratio,
*Indirect Weapons to cost ratio,
Red Turning Angle availability,

Dwarf – Hammer faction.

Most durable sledge hammer of a faction, packing top numbers of L-H weapons across the fleet. On top of a Nerve re-roll (Headstrong) Dwarfs have access to a large spectrum of upgrades that can fill any holes in their overall straightforward play style. You need durability? Done! (Master Engineer, Advanced Construction). You need to deal with these pesky Boarders? Easy! (Dwarven Ale). Wanna pack even more punch? Dwarfs got your back! Flame Belchers, Ironwatch Marines). This allows to hone certain ships for specific jobs, like Boarding counter, a tank or a heavy damage dealer.
Dwarfs come in steady and focused, thanks to almost flat speed across entire fleet. Once they pierced your fleet – they’ll be back to bite a piece of your stern. (red arcs, Advanced Engines on entire fleet).

Ship of interest: Hunter, packing a solid 3L and 15SP on a 10pts. expendable platform.

Strategy proposal: Go fast and hard, divide and conquer enemy fleet. Dwarfs seem like a faction that want’s to charge, guns blazing, then go through the middle of enemy fleet, wreaking havoc. Pick weakened targets of opportunity for GrimmStones and Furies. Make use of Engines and red Turn Arcs setting up for Raking Fire. Remember about special tools in your fleet – ships, that thanks to proper upgrades, are very good at one particular thing.

Dwarf Average strengths:

Movement to cost ratio,
Nerve to cost ratio,
Structure Points to cost ratio,
Crew Strength to cost ratio,
Heavy weapons to cost ratio,
*Light Weapons to cost ratio,
Close Quarters Weapons to cost ratio,
Indirect Weapons to cost ratio,
*Red Turning Angle availability,

Empire of Dust – Artillery faction.

Straight off the bat the EoD fleet might come as pretty average. Their stat specialty is NV and they excel at IDW. There seem not to be a common theme across the faction, except Boarding Action mitigation (Curse of Undeath, Terror) and bad turning (Yellow Turn Arc all over the place). Yet the EoD comes with a lot of surprises. Different ships specialize in different things and this is what makes this faction Interesting. Empire of Dust is all about where and when… and with which tool. You need to break an incoming blob of enemy ships? War Galley and Soul Hunter will bomb from afar with all that sweet IDW, while rest will add some H and L to the mix. You need to intercept or go hunting for juicy artillery at the back of enemy line? Kopeshi is the fastest ship in the game and has a solid CS, Terror and Curse of Undeath to sway it’s chance in any Boarding Action. Dust Chaser is a Gur Panther with Light Oars, capable of taking a punch while screening your heavies. Most importantly you can extend your heavies lifespan by cheating SP (Slave Squadrons, Expendable).
EoD is also the trickiest faction, being able to deal damage in pretty unexpected places. On top of situational maneuverability (Windblast, High Priest T’Mork, Light Oars) EoD has a range of damage dealing tools (Balefire, Arkhanten the Cursed Slayer, Soul Thirst, Lightning Bolt, Soul Snare).

Strategy proposal: Leverage IDW and keep enemy at a distance. Screen your fleet with Dust Chasers and make a good use of Slave Squadrons to eat up some of enemy fire. Once amidst tight battle, outflank with Kopeshii to pick valuable targets, while the rest of the fleet does some Soul Hunting AoE, IDW up close and bring down carnage.

Empire of Dust Average strengths:

Movement to cost ratio,
*Nerve to cost ratio,
Structure Points to cost ratio,
Crew Strength to cost ratio,
Heavy weapons to cost ratio,
Light Weapons to cost ratio,
Close Quarters Weapons to cost ratio,
*Indirect Weapons to cost ratio,
Red Turning Angle availability,

Hungry for more empire of Dust in-depth analysis? Visit the Empire of Dust is Stronger than
You Think article
 and learn how to master the undead fleet!

The Twilight Kin – Assassin faction.

Stat wise the Twilight Kin fall into the same archetype as Orcs – the Glass Canon. This is clearly backed by the highest Crew Strength to Points Cost ratio, 2nd best Close Quarter Weapons to Points Cost ratio and the fact that C Weapons are present on every single ship, except Tiny Needlefangs.

The main difference between the two factions is how they go about dealing damage and the consequences of getting close.

Where Orcs seem a bit more flexible* and prone to sacrifice with crippled suicide Ram exchanges, the more maneuverable Twilight Kin are focused on well placed Boarding Actions and Glass Canon engagements, dealing massive damage and aiming to cripple, as any retaliation will be devastating to in-fleet synergies.Orc have access to IDW, XL ships, can build ships for either Boarding Actions or Shooting with Morax / Morguns.
Being by far the fastest fleet, combined with access to Shroud (enemy gets -1 to Hit over 8″) the Twilight Kin will get close – it’s a fact. Once in range, assuming key pieces are in place Grappling enemy ships is just a formality (Ensnare, Barbed Harpoons and common upgrades), then it’s Boarding Actions. Here’s where Twilight Kin excel. Blade Dancers, Decimate, Banshee’s Wail improve the odds of defeating enemy ships, but it is the synergies that allow them to outshine the Orcs. Being caught between attacking Blade Dancers and a Banshee’s Wail seem like a quick trip to the bottom of the sea.

Strategy Proposal: When it comes to Shooting the Twilight Kin strength lays in their maneuverability and speed. Coming in fast, turning just before enemy prow to avoid Fire as She Bears Broadsides, unleashing a Raking Fire C salvos up close would be a go to strategy. Then Grapple, then GG. Once Grappled, enemy ships cannot Fire as She Bears, the rest of the fleet can safely position themselves behind a target, either joining Boarding Action or just bombing it with a C Stern Rake.
One thing to keep in mind is the Domino effect. The Twilight Kin rely on in-faction synergies and initial Damage far more than Orcs. When crippled the Orcs can simply throw themselves to Ram, usually getting a great deal out of it. The Twilight Kin have a very high NV to Points cost ratio, but they lack XL ships to hold the fleet together. Once the Twilight Kin start to crumble, the synergies will dim down, the fleet will start to loose momentum and Damage output necessary to pull preferable deals off. Because of that you want to go fast, hard and move to safe positions, be it Boarding Actions or over 8″ and outside deadliest enemy firing arcs.

On a side note: Compared to initial fleets gameplay the Twilight Kin seem like a difficulty level went up. I do believe this is a trend that we will see continued with new releases.

Twilight Kin Average strengths:

*Movement to cost ratio,
*Nerve to cost ratio,
Structure Points to cost ratio,
*Crew Strength to cost ratio,
Heavy weapons to cost ratio,
Light Weapons to cost ratio,
*Close Quarters Weapons to cost ratio,
Indirect Weapons to cost ratio,
*Red Turning Angle availability,

The Kingdom of Men – Marksman faction.

Fast and hard hitting the Kingdom of Men is in my opinion the strongest mid-long range Armada faction. The KoM is basically Basilean ships on steroids, maintaining good Movement, maneuverability and low Cost, while trading fancy rules, IDW and durability buffs for pure Damage output, To-Hit modifiers and insane Nerve shenanigans. With access to Spotter Gunboat Squadrons and Motley Crew, the Kingdom of Men Light and Heavy Weapons shooting is very potent.

The fleet is all about tight formation around Main Battle Ships and two important auras to build around: Solid Command will keep the ships in the fight, even after being crippled, while Spotter will ensure more hits. Large and Extra Large ships can also benefit from a War Wizard, which is a powerful tool to deal with foes that came too close invading KoM’s zone of comfort. Putting a Blaze Marker on an enemy ship is an easy way to force a bad choice between shooting and a risk of being blown up on a roll of “1”, on next activation.

The Kingdom of Men Flagship can be improved with choice of Captains. Kraiger is a solid Nerve buff, while Dead Eye McHardy turns unmodified “9” into Crits, doubling the Crit chance. On a ship like a Conqueror, which is basically a Basilean Dictator, the Critical Hit chance buff is pretty deadly.

Strategy Proposal: Staying at Steady Speed in a tight formation ensures all ships benefit from auras and allows Gunboat Squadrons to keep up. Enemy IDW might be a problem so unless there are C heavy ships closing in, IDW should be the main target, as otherwise the Kingdom of Men dominates Long Range Shooting. For this purpose it is imperative that all ships are equipped with Crows Nests. In case of no IDW and slow enemy fleets the KoM can Anchor comfortably to increase To-Hit chance, except Frigates. Inexperienced Crew, Sturdy Construction Frigates are perfect to be used to screen the fleet and force enemy ships to fire at an unfavorable targets. Because of that they should always be moving, thus more difficult to hit.
Finally, as Nerve is not an issue, the KoM can baldly undertake some high risk high reward actions if things get to close and personal. 

Ship of note: Conqueror, packing a solid 6H, 3L, 3C with a cheaper Veteran Crew and Critical Hits on “9-10” is just a must have. With Master Carpenter, Dead Eye Hardy, Motley Crew and Crow’s Nest this beast is barely 99 points. *Drops the mike*, or rather an Anchor. 

*Movement to cost ratio,
Nerve to cost ratio,
*Structure Points to cost ratio,
*Crew Strength to cost ratio,
*Heavy weapons to cost ratio,
*Light Weapons to cost ratio,
Close Quarters Weapons to cost ratio,
Indirect Weapons to cost ratio,
Red Turning Angle availability,

Elves – Spearmen Faction

Fast, nimble and precise, the Elves sail into Armada with a very interesting set of stats. Although average speed is being dragged down a notch by XL ships, the Elves are the fastest faction on a ship by ship basis. With a Red Turn Arc on par with Dwarfs and the Twilight Kin, the Elves claim the very top thanks to Masters of the Waves skill, which allows them free extra turns at the end of first Move during each Activation. Combined with an immense arsenal of Light Weapons, this extra agility allows for some deadly shenanigans.

When it comes to weaponry the Elves pack the highest L/ship across the fleets and a solid number of H Weapons. They also have access to one IDW vessel type with lack of C being the only drawback to the fleet’s arsenal. This mid-long range weaponry setup is further enhanced with Elven Eyes, allowing Elves to ignore -1 To-Hit for long range shooting.

Up Close is where Elves does not feel comfortable. They come with average CS, lowest SP/Cost ratio, worst NV on average and no C weapons. To put it simply – unless necessary, you really don’t want to engage the enemy fleet up close.

Strategy Proposal: Go steady and keep the enemy fleet at length, making full use of Elven Eyes, buffed IDW and Auto Criting Enchanted Bolt Thrower. Adjust speed to keep Argus Squadrons within aura range and add that extra umpf to your Crits and eventually aura heal with Green Lady’s Blessing before you commit to full scale sailing. Once the opponent starts to catch up, increase Speed and go around and on the back of enemy formation. With low SP and no C Elven ships are a bit too fragile to risk cutting through against probable Fire as She Bears. If you went with Therennian Sea Guard and are within Kindred Bond you may consider Boarding Action to entangle important enemy damage dealer and buy time for your heavy hitters to sink easier targets. Otherwise avoid unfavorable Borading Actions until no other choice.

Assume proper strategy in line with choice of captain: Stormwing Captain (adds another free turn from Masters of the Waves) or Madriga (once per game counts one shooting position as Point Blank for Damage purposes). Both can give you an edge when facing against heavy damage dealers. 

*Movement to cost ratio,
Nerve to cost ratio,
Structure Points to cost ratio,
Crew Strength to cost ratio,
Heavy weapons to cost ratio,
*Light Weapons to cost ratio,
Close Quarters Weapons to cost ratio,
Indirect Weapons to cost ratio,
*Red Turning Angle availability,

Salamanders – Shieldwall Faction

To put is simply – the Salamanders are sea turtles. They come slow and steady, in a tight ‘shell’ formation that enhances their many short range auras and synergies (Elemental Roar aura, Clan Ensign aura, Shield aura, Blessing of the Three Kings). Ignoring Critical Hits (Blessing of the Three Kings) combined with canceling Crippled (Shield) and being able to re-roll extinguish fire Skill tests makes the Salamanders the most resilient fleet up to date. They have exceptional damage reduction, yet that doesn’t mean the Salamanders are not capable of bursting into movement and doing some shenanigans up close. Still I feel like they’d rather take all the advantage of their many long range weapons (including double IDW) and Blaze related tricks (Red Hot Shot) – softening their prey right before engulfing it in close range fire and boarding (Corsairs).

Stat wise, the Salamanders excel at Nerve, Heavy and Light Weapons, but it is the lack of evident drawbacks that makes them stand out. They are, at the very least, average on all other stats. Add access to all ship sizes and you have a solid base to build all the combos and strategies on top of.

Salamanders come with two interesting Captains choices, both adding FREE additional upgrades that doesn’t take up slots on the ship. This allows for turning a L or XL ship into a real deal top tier vessel, bristling with upgrades. Additionally Arhkblash Deezelo comes with a fancy rule of forcing re-rolls of successful extinguish fire tests on enemy vessels… which is just nasty.

Strategy Proposal: Take advantage of all the H, L and IDW by going steady and slow. Keep in tight formation, depending on auras to reduce incoming damage even against enemy IDW. Prolonged long range bombardment should soften enemy fleet to a point where it is optimal to fire up Elemental Roar and Clan Ensign and just go for it, choosing targets of opportunity and concentrating on crippling as many ships as possible before closing the formation for a long come about around the table. Use Corsairs and Boarding to your advantage, intercepting CS heavy enemy ships before they catch to your weaker ships. Remember that once Ablaze, enemy ships are forced to do nothing or risk getting blown into shreds, thus it might be wise to ignore ships on fire, switching attention to a more immediate threat. 

Movement to cost ratio,
*Nerve to cost ratio,
Structure Points to cost ratio,
Crew Strength to cost ratio,
*Heavy weapons to cost ratio,
*Light Weapons to cost ratio,
Close Quarters Weapons to cost ratio,
Indirect Weapons to cost ratio,
Red Turning Angle availability,

Varangur – Heavy Cavalry Faction / Northern Alliance – Light Cavalry Faction

At first glance both the Varangur and the Norther Alliance are very much close quarters specialized fleets that would benefit from closing the distance with enemy fleet as soon as possible. Smaller, more maneuverable ships pack an array of mainly L and H weapons and a variety of rules supporting high maneuverability (Oars, Navigator, Light Oars) allowing them for easier ‘Cross the T’ damage dealing and pursuing or dispersing depending on the situation. Starting with L size ships the damage output up close increases drastically, as here is where almost all the C weapons of both fleets is located. Large and Extra Large ships are a bit slower, but much more devastating – definitely focus points of the fleets around which the battles will be decided.

Stat wise both factions are very similar with Nerve and Structure Points to points cost ration being slightly weaker than standard, but at the same time thanks to XL ships C and IDV ratio being one of the highest.

The biggest difference between the two fleets is their playstyle, which comes mainly from Fleet Rules and Upgrades. Both fleets would benefit from fast approach, yet whereas the Varangur would happily stop right upon ‘impact’, exchanging blows to hopefully start a chaotic Boarding Action brawl, the Northern Alliance would rather disperse and come about for another charge. The difference can best be seen in how both named XL ships are armed, Reaper’s Mask (Varangur) packing a solid 3C up front and a broadside 2IDW / Vallellion (Norther Alliance) with 2IDW up front and a 3C at its rear.

Rules wise the Varangur is centered around punishing the enemy for getting too close. With additional shooting (Infernal Runes) and melee damage (Retribution, Sons of Korgaan), combined with some nasty tricks (God Runes of the Deceiver, Ohthere Bloodhair) the enemy captain should think twice before entangling their fleet with the Varangur. Add an array of potent maneuverability tricks (Var’Kyr Gloamspryte, Oars, Light Oars, Navigator) and a punishing maneuverability debuff (Gaze of Korgaan, Ram) and you can easily imagine enemy fleet stopped dead in place. surrounded and picked one by one in a brutal brawl.

The Norther Alliance, at the other hand, is more about spearing through the enemy formation. Increased speed (Glide) allows for some unexpected speed boosts, whereas increased maneuverability (Oars, Light Oars, Navigator) combined with enemy options hindrance (Stormcaller, Skadi) will leave the enemy fleet disoriented. All the while the Nothern Alliance ships will come about for another round of damage dealing. Still these are not all of the tricks employed by the fleet. Ships redeployment (Aelfred), increased Nv (Dwarfen Clan Beer) and damage reduction (Ice Naiad Ensnarers) combine into a picture of increased reliability.

To sum both fleets up I would say Varangur is ‘more brutal, here and now’ brawlers while the Northern Alliance is more ‘powerful blows and disorienting tactics employed with precision’ ambusher type of faction.

Strategy Proposal: Go straight for the kill, screening vital fleet elements with full speeding Skeids and Icebreakers (damage sponges). Once close use Ram to remove smaller enemy ships from the equation. Slide in with main damage dealers then, depending on fleet (Varangur/Northern Alliance), either initiate Boaring Actions (Karvi Squadron might be helpful), or disperse and pick the targets of opportunity from behind. Maneuverability is your main strength, thus redirecting your ships while leaving enemy entangled should be the main focus. When setting up for a kill of larger enemy ships, use oars and light oars to set up inconvenient ‘domino’ collisions, denying them a chance to fire broadsides. Do not fear to initiate/take Boarding Actions with similar ship sizes, especially when playing Varangur.

Movement to cost ratio,
Nerve to cost ratio,
Structure Points to cost ratio,
Crew Strength to cost ratio,
Heavy weapons to cost ratio,
Light Weapons to cost ratio,
*Close Quarters Weapons to cost ratio,
*Indirect Weapons to cost ratio,
Red Turning Angle availability,

These are the Kings of War: Armada factions available for now. I will be revisiting this article to provide updates and add new content from time to time so stay tuned. Personally I hope to get some Twilight Kin and Elves commissions to add more pictures in the future, but for now glorious Four is all I have.

I hope you find this article entertaining. Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments below or via Facebook or Instagram. I would also appreciate if you considered sharing this content with your hobby buds, who might find it useful. Finally if you are looking for a professional miniatures painting service be sure to contact me via this contact form. I always reply within 24 hours, after which please check out your spam folder.


KoW Armada: RAMming for Dummies

Ahoy Sailors! As you know I am most and foremost a passionate hobbyist. That being said I am also a pirate, a scoundrel and a fanatical enthusiast of Mantic Games Kings of War: Armada. The latter resulted in few strategy related articles, one of which you found yourself reading right now.

Kings of War: Armada is a game of fantastical sea warfare. Set in a rich world of Pannithor, the Armada clashes wonderfully crafted and strongly themed factions against each other. As much as miniatures go, KoW Armada offers a selection of beautiful miniature ships from across four factions, with more being released every few months. Although colliding prow first into enemy ships is forbidden by the rules, some ships are designed to Ram. This usually ends up with both ships getting crushed to ribbons, which led to a lot of misconceptions about Ramming in general. Most common being “Ramming is a weak faction mechanics”. Today I will topple the topic and prime you for successful Ramming. Hold on to the decking and All Ahead Full!

Ramming for Dummies

Allow me to start by saying this: Ramming is a very strong and rewarding mechanics.

That being said let’s focus on what makes a Faction oriented mechanics good. For starters a Faction game mechanics should be synergic with faction strengths (and weaknesses). It should allow for leveraging the common rules to faction’s advantage. A Faction game mechanics can be a strong independent rule, or a synergic one in which case the more synergy the stronger rules combo becomes.

For instance Baseilan ships have the best Structure Points to Points Cost ratio in the game. They have upgrades like Aegis Shield which reduces damage taken and Blessed Hull which allows them to Repair more efficiently. Basileans also have Slopes with Helping Hand increasing Repair efficiency even more. There is a theme to these rules which translates into a strong Faction Mechanics. Worth noting is the fact that it takes more than a single rule to achieve this synergy. Like, Elohi’s Halo of Light is useless in a vacuum, but kicks in when combined with other pieces of the puzzle.

Back to Ramming, RAM(n) allows to deliberately Collide with enemy ships and auto fail the Evade test. It also adds (n) damage to the total dealt to enemy ship in case of a successful collision.
In a vacuum the rule is very swingy. Unless (and sometimes regardless if) you Ram a much smaller target, there is a chance of taking more damage than dealt to enemy ship.
On a wider scale RAM(n) goes along the common Orc main theme: High damage output and expendable ships.
Orc ships are all about C weapons, which have best damage output, but the shortest range from among all shooting weapons. This means you need to get close and inevitably take some damage before you can unleash your C volleys in a devastating salvo. Orc ships, on average, are also cheap and have a second best Structure Points to Points Cost ratio in the game.
Still the main Faction mechanics for Orcs is Boarding Actions. On average, Orcs have more Crew Strength than other factions. They also have access to upgrades that further boost Crew Strength (Morax, War Drum of Spite, Rabble Rousing etc.). Going all ahead full to get close and use all the C weapons means Orcs are also close enough to Board and they even come with cheaper Boarding Hooks and a rule allowing them to try to Grapple enemy ships moving at Full Speed! And as I already pointed out – Orcs are great at Boarding Actions.

So the most efficient strategy should follow the most efficient mechanics:
– Go at Full Speed towards enemy to get close as soon as possible to start dealing damage, plus be harder to hit.

– Use C weapons once you’re in range. Best if moving between enemy ships to be able to fire both sides for more damage output.

– Initiate Boarding Actions to protect your ships from being shot at during enemy activation, plus further increase damage output.

Where does that leave RAM(n)?
RAM(n) is just a tool. It is not a main faction strength, but rather another synergic mechanics in a wide arsenal of increasing damage output. It is more of a situational tool, rather than go to strategy.
To be successful at Ramming you must master “when” and “where”.

Proper Ramming:
* Your ship is low on Structure Points and will probably get sunk in the next enemy Activation. Might as well deal a lot of damage in a blaze of glory, especially if it also carries a Crystal Keel of Retribution.
* Large, dangerous enemy ship is next to Activate, but is also on a brink of being Crippled.
* Your main C damage dealer is soon to Activate, but an enemy ship (low on SP) is the closest target blocking line of fire to much juicier targets.
* Enemy ship has not Fired as She Bears yet and you need to avoid getting in it’s side Fire Arc, electing to Ram head on and trying to initiate Boarding Action afterwards to keep it from Firing at your incoming fleet.
* Last turn, enemy ship holds an objective, Ramming has potential to sink the ship, thus swinging the game result in your favor.

Dummy Ramming:
* You main strategy is to prioritize Ramming over Shooting and Boarding Actions.
* You use Ram as an opening move in a battle.
* You just want to see the world burn and don’t care who goest to the bottom of the sea.
* You Ram same size or larger enemy ships with no additional goal to achieve with this action.

In short: Treat Ram(n) as a tool of opportunity, a strong Glass Canon type of Damage dealing. Accept Ramming means sacrificing your ship and be sure to Ram if it’s worth the sacrifice, or if it allows you to achieve important long term goals.

I hope you find this article entertaining. Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments below or via Facebook or Instagram. I would also appreciate if you considered sharing this content with your hobby buds, who might find it useful. Finally if you are looking for a professional miniatures painting service be sure to contact me via this contact form. I always reply within 24 hours, after which please check out your spam folder.


Battle Report: Infinity “Unexpected Bump”

Every year I try to put painting miniatures aside, even if just for a bit, to bring to you a Battle Report. Infinity the Game is still my favorite miniatures game and once again I participate in a yearly online campaign. Keeping the story short – it’s that time of the year and to uphold to tradition – I’m back with this year’s Infinity the Game Battle Report. (Apologies to all those who have no idea about Infinity and it’s lore).



After berely surviving ALEPHS incursion at Wotan blokade the Dong Peyote repurposed freighter fled to deep space for vital repair. It took a year to fix the ship, during which it’s crew kept a low profile, gathering reasources necessary to rejoin Nomad military operations. Couple of weeks ago DeePee’s long range radio scanner picked up a call for help from Johhny-5 Arachne Node, based on planet Dawn. The ship and it’s crew burned their engines dry to finally arrive at planet Dawn just in time. Battered yet unbroken, Dong Peyote entered the atmosphere of Dawn using a meteor shower to disquise it’s signature from Ariadna low-tech scanners, the same night as Vince McMahogany news of conflict erupting at Novyy Cimmeria shocked public media of the Human Sphere.

It was Zhàn Huó Firebase that picked Dong Peyote’s approach before it’s mighty load could be dropped at J-5 Node. To avoid being shot down, captain of the ship decided to fall back to low orbit. This did not sit well with the crew, eager to aid their Nomad brethren in defense of the node. Small elite squads were formed and then dropped over entire island in assault pods. Each squad was to carry it’s own mission, to then converge at the J-5 node, all the while Dong Peyote would support them from orbit…

Team ‘Kraken’ ,named after Kriza Borac suit of power armour that formed it’s core, crash landed at the no man’s land between Panoc-23 Multi-Base and the outskirts J-5 installation. Their secret mission doomed to fail, the team received orders to head north and intercept a heavy armoured Panoceania kill-squad. Guided by the all seeing eye of the Dong Peyote, team Kraken layed the trap…


After setting up the trap Nomads layed in wait. [Won the roll-off and kept the Initiative, which resolved in setting up first.] The plan was to take Panoceanians by surprise, going in loud and hard, Full-Auto to cover Wraith (Spectre) advance and enable him to deploy Repeaters. That in turn would allow team’s Interventor to turn the tables on top of approaching Panoceania Heavy Infantry. Kitty, the Chimera was kept in reserve – being a fast runner, capable of crossing long distances and taking the enemy by surprise. A good simple plan. Exactly the type that might go wrong…

Nomad First Turn:

Critko was barely able to contain Kraken’s lust for blood. The big man was breathing heavily over the comms and Critko knew all to well that the time he had to cover a firelane with area of White Noise was counted in merely seconds. No one said that being LT was easy, especially when commanding a group composed of individuals from all three mothersships. He closed his eyes, counted to five and screamed loud ‘NOW!’ over the comms. (LT order and 4 regular orders for the White Noise to succeed. Like WTF?!)…

Entire team reacted almost instantly, springing into action. Kraken led the charge opening up with a wide salvo from his heavy mashine gun. Hot ultra-sonic rounds zipped through the air and over the heads of surprised Magister Knights, who tossed themeselves sideways and into cover. Blinded by the area of White Zone, a Black Friar reacted too late and was shredded to pieces. ‘First blood!’ roared Kraken, just as enemy panzerfaust missiles started exploding around him…

Enemy shock lasted less than five seconds. Just enough for Wraith to throw himself forward and behind cover. ‘These Pano Knights are a real deal’ he murmured to his team, deploying first of the repeaters. ‘They surely are’ whispered a voice behind him. The Spektr noded, more to himself than to Mighty Dong Peyote shadowing him, still being Camoed. ‘Allright Dong, one more repeater and you can go in. Oh, the sweet surprise these guys are about to get.’ He cackled…

Panoceania First Turn:

Heavy mashine gun shots peppered the air around Magister Knights yet they regained composure in a matter of seconds. With a loud ‘Deus Vult’ booming from their helmet speakers, they threw themeselves in the direction of incomming fire, swords raised high. The leading knight was first to fall into the trap. Critko Isolated him with ease, denying leadership to the entire squad. One more knight got Gotcha!’ed before the rest realised what’s going on and backed away…

An Order Sergeant de-camoed on a rufftop and opened fire at aRGee (Riotgrrl ML) damaging her armour. She ducked for cover, AP rounds bouncing off her armoured shoulder guard. That’s when comms exploded with a scream of agony. Kitty, the Chimera got shot in the back by a rapidly decelerating AD troop. Crusader Brethren landed in a cloud of dust and sent another volley from his spitfire. He then switched to supressive fire, blocking entire fire lane and covering the howling Chimera against any attempts of Nomads trying to aid her…

Nomad Secoond Turn:

Except for immobilized leader, knights were falling back behind cover. That was an opening Kraken waited for. He rushed in, taking the statue-like Panoceanian out of his misery with a short, well placed series of HMG fire. He gained momentum and steered his heavy armour to a new direction, moving around a low building and outflanking remaining knights. ‘Bullseye’ he murmured to himself, once his armour’s targeting lenses caught new signatures. Crouched behind cover and protected by a Magister Knight was Panoceania’s Leutenant. Kraken pulled the trigger and the world around was set ablaze by the light of high-speed tracking rounds. Both Panoceanians returned fire, but it was too late. Smoke rising from the holes in their blooded armour, Panoceanias barely touched the ground when Kraken exploded into action once again. He covered half the distance between them and jumped onto a ladder, holstering the HMG on his back. Strong pulls from his massive hands saw him emerge on a rooftop across Panoceanian Sniper. Termo Optic Camo haze danced all over sniper’s silhouette, while he pumped round after round pinning aRGee and Aby behind cover, across the battlefield. Kraken had just the right tool for the job. Full-Automatic fire cut poor Panoceanian in half…

At the other side of the battlefield a nameless Zero shimmered into being. Spitfire wielding Crusader Brethren was unlucky enough to find himself at the receiving end of Zero’s Combi Rifle. Kitty was barely alive but not beyond reach of heavy drugs mixed with some Aby’s magic…

Panoceania Second Turn:

Sudden redeployment of Kriza Borac allowed the two remaining knights to attack through empty firelane. As one, they threw themeselves out into the open and charged. The first knight to emerge from behind corner, in hope of rounding up on Wraith, had a nasty surprise waiting for him. The Mighty Dong Peote (Bran DoCastro) dropped Camo and Engaged the knight, moving under the barrel of his shotgun and closing the distance in a blink of an eye. The knight took a wide swing with his sword, but the Mighty Dong Peyote parried it easily and put the knight down with a strong punch of his energised brass knuckles. Second knight joined the fight eager to drew Nomad blood. Mouth opened, Wraith watched in ave as the Mighty Dong Peyote whirled and danced around the knights, using one of them to throw himself into air and laying a devastating punch on another knight’s helmet. For a moment there, it looked like a strange mix of blue armour, Nomad mask, smoke and blood. Entire fight lasted less than half a minute and then it ended just as suddenly as it begun…

Kraken allowed himself to be distracted by close combat that took place below. Energy discharges and blood dropplets seem to slow down before his eyes. This was a sign that the suit pumped a fresh coctail of drugs into his bloodstream just to keep him standing. He turned to survey the battlefield, just in time to see a boarding Shotgun wielding Crusader comming at him from behind. He squeezed the trigger hard but a rain of bullets never came. The display showed ’empty’. Kraken had no time to reflect on this, cause a Borading Shotgun slug hit him square in the chest and sent his heavy suit to the ground. Another round blasted a huge gap in his thigh, blood and nano-oil exploding in every direction. Kraken roared like a wounded animal. With inhuman effort he unholstered his pistol and sent few rounds in the direction of the assailant, but it was already too late – his vision blurred, he let himself be embraced by blackness…

Kraken woke up suddenly, surrounded by chaos. Screams of the wounded and the dying were accompanied by constant gunfire somewhere in the background. High walls decorated with ‘J-5’ signs surrounded a vast hall, filled with makeshift beds, each being occupied by a wounded soldier. Aby stood over him arguing passionately with what seemed to be one of the cat-eared Daktaris. ‘Where are we?’ he wanted to say, but a short, rough gasp was all that managed to leave his dried lips. ‘Shh big boy, you lost a lot of blood’ said Aby and put her hand on his bare, muscled shoulder. The touch of her warm hand made him realize he’s been stripped of his armour and this sent a burst of adrenaline into his brain. He tried to sit straigh but couldn’t. Something was wrong. Something was very, very wrong. He looked down his body. ‘Where’s my fucking leg?!’ he roared through cracked lips. Aby just smiled at him gently. ‘Don’t worry big guy. We’ll get you a new one’…

This battle of Firefight was fought between me and my dear friend Astharis. At the end of turn two, Panoceania retreated, but not before earning a honourable one Victory Point, by taking out Nomad Data Tracker with two well placed Boarding Shotgun rounds.

The end result was 8 for the Nomads who managed to:
*kill more Lieutenants than the adversary (2 Objective
*kill more Army Points than the adversary (3 Objective
*kill the enemy DataTracker (1 Objective Point).
*accomplish two Classyfied Objectives (Extreme Prejudice & Secure HVT).

against 1 for the Military Orders who :
*killed the enemy DataTracker (1 Objective Point).

We had a lot of fun as the game was plagued by rolls that broke stathistics, some really cinematic moments and funny situations.


* I totally lost faith in Critko (Interventor) who up to now was always a reliable, almost godlike hacker. 5 rolls to place a single White Noise was just beyond rotfl.

* Kraken (Kriza Borac HMG) was vital to achieving vistory. The HMG beast is fast and was able to outflank Panoceanians and take out some vital targets. He was ultra badass, even tho last Pano effort to earn some OP’s actually took him out (Unconscious).

* In this game Intruder HMG done literally nothing, except providing orders XD

* Double Repeater trap combined with Kriza’s AROs was a bullseye, that allowed me to keep the Magister Knights at bay.

* The Mighty Dong Peyote (Bran DoCastro) was insane in this match, overcoming two Magister Knights in a glorious and brutal CC.

* I expected to see more TO: Camo. Imagine my surprise when first Crusader entered the board behind my troops and killed the Chimera. Imagine my surprise when second Crusader entered the board and took out the Kriza XD If my forces weren’t spread wide or if I lost the Initiative – these guys would be devastating.

See the original in Kurage Crisis Warconsole

Battle Report: Infinity “Hodong!”

It took me more than a year to bring to you another Gaming article, but here I am and with something special none the less! Infinity the Game is still my favorite – that did not changed. Once again I’m knee deep in an online Campaign. This years hotness is called Strikezone: Wotan and it is a truly crazy ride! So, time to put your brushes down and supplement painting with some good oldschool gaming!


Having recently finished the ‘Dong Peyote’ Special Project I was eager to try out the miniature. It craved blood, watching me intensely from the scenic plinth – like if trying to force me to field it! Not that I tried to resist – in the contruary, I used the weekly gaming meetup with a friend to bring some action to the Mighty Dong Peyote!


Location: The Dong Peyote, Wotan Blockade
Time: day twenty nine of the Strikezone: Wotan campaign
Theater: Dong Peyote Repurposed Freighter
Mission: Annihilation
Special Rules: ‘The Dong Peyote’
Game size: 250pts.


For this fine battle I decided to dump the usual Intruder + smoke combo in favour of a new trick. I asked my opponent if he let me use the ‘Dong Peyote’ miniature, prepared just for the sake of Strikezone: Wotan and was granted a ‘go for it’. I restrained myself from building a list around the new character and decided to cut out enough of my usual 300pts. list to be able to field him, leaving the feel of the list intact.

So, there was the usual stuff like Interventor LT, which I find to work miracles, especially as a potent HD+ hacker. Be it defensive, secured Cybermasked LT, support with LT orders at his disposal, or even offensive hacker with chunky WIP and BTS, not to mention an arsenal of very good programs at his disposal.

Total Reaktion Zond is also a simple choice with it’s low points cost, Climbing Plus and ability to be Marksman L2 buffed by a hacker. Mobile HMG to snipe enemy targets – a very potent offensive piece.

A single Moran Maasai Hunter is new to me, as I usually field two of these. Still in this particular case I dumped one in favour of a cheaper Zero Minelayer, fielding two of the latter to deal with potential enemy Camo and spam the map with my Camo Markers, playing mind games with my opponent.

Single Chainguar as a potent corner ARO piece or a good, reliable counter.

Some Transductor Zonds to provide cheap orders and Mimetised, high BS (WIP) ARO pieces.

A Daktari with a Zondbot on top, to keep most of these guys afloat.

MSR Spektr in second group to be used as a surprise ARO piece, and then maybe to eliminate easy targets in active turn.

Three Morlocks to provide smoke cover and exploid openings in enemy defenses.

This left me with 41 points to be used on the Dong Peyote – a surprise attack piece, that had to outperform it’s big cost in order to help me achieve victory.


“Fear not Human Sphere – Dong Peyote is here!” Is a phrase that the Dong Peyote uses to announce himself, once he plunges balls deep into enemy lines! He strikes from behind, but not like a shadow – No! He goes hard, guns blazing, fists dealing punches and cock-rocket trailing clouds of smoke as it launches itself to deal tremendous damage! He cares not for the outcome, but for the performance itself! To adorn the Nomad mask and die in a blaze of glory is the ultimate reward!


In my experience Karol grasps the ‘tricks’ of the game very well. He loves to use shenanigans like TO Camo to surprise me. He tends to reveal his TO Camoed troops in unpredictable spots to deal major damage to my list. Then, just as I feel secure and drop my guard, he pops out another TO Camoed troop and prooves me wrong. On top of that he usually goes heavy on his deployment zone, keeping troops far away from my Nomads and then unleashing them in waves, using Coordinated Orders. Aaaand he likes snipers.

His list, which I know now, is just that. Two Tuaregs to mess me up. One Janissary HMG Heavy Hitter, some versatile troops to be coordinated with him. Lasiq sniper. Some orders to fuel this. A Doctor Plus on top cause it’s just awesome and tends to come back to live with his Auto Medicit time and time again.

I asked Karol to add a note about his list himself – he will do this in time and I will edit the Batrep with it – am curious of his point of view XD


I won the roll off with a Critical pass of the LT’s WIP of 15. Needless to say that the gods of dice were just as eager to see me using the Dong Peyote as I was myself. Still I decided to forfeit the initiative in favour of luring my opponent to spread his troops, thus enabling me to use the Dong to his full potential and carve a deep path to gloory.


I used a Command Token to deny Karol the use of more than one of these at his first turn. No more rushing at me with half his troops with the damned Coordinated Orders.

Haqqislam forces opened up with just that – a Coordinated Order, which saw a Janissary, two Ghulams and Khawarij advance. (It took me a while before I decided to reveal a TO Camoed trooper in first order of the first turn… but…) Out of thin air a Spektr MSR appeared to put a bullet through the head of the leading Ghulam. The latter fell to the ground, bleeding and unconcious.

Just like in the ‘Enemy at the gates’ a Lasiq sniper sprang instantly from behind cover to try and deal with this new ARO threat. Unfortunatelly for Lasiq he failed in three attempts in a raw. With his final shot he managed to hit the Spektr, who shrugged the bullet off and used a failed Guts Roll to hide behind solid cover, thus denying the kill.

Zhayedan Doctor+ saw the opening, rushed to try to heal the fallen Ghulam but his medikit sent the poor guy into overdose – the Ghulam died.

In meantime a Camo token (Farzan, which was not known to me at the time) moved closer to Nomad lines in preparation for future outflank options…


The Haqqislam’s ‘behind’ was pretty well defended, thus the Mighty Dong Peyote withheld his entrance for just one more turn. Instead a Moran Maasai Hunter advanced forward to sneak close to enemy troops rounded up on top and behind a small building. A Repeater and a Crazy Koala in range of both a Lasiq and Janissary meant a potentially good outcome for the Nomads in this part of the table.

A Morlock burst into action, using his 8-4 Metachemistry move to cover entire battlefield, jump out from around a corner and basked both the Zhayedan Doctor Plus and the HMG Janissary in a warm light from his flashlight, cause for unknown reason – he took a flashlight instead of a Chainrifle. The sassy targets stood there, mouths agape, then peppered the Morlock with enough bullets to turn him into a strainer.

A loud facepalm announced the Spektr comming out of his cover just in time to witness the Morlock’s demise. With no targets in sight he just prepared for another turn of ARO.

A Transductor Zond moved in, closed on the enemy HVT and let it’s Repeater be used by Interventor LT’s Order to Spotlight the Civilian.

The turn closing to an end, a Zero Minelayer, moved forward, mined the area and then went back to being Camoed, just to mess the Haqq’s up with the ammount of Camo Markers laying around.

Last order of the turn was spent on a Morlock, who advanced through the middle of the board, just to be stopped by an appearance of a Tuareg AHD’s shot. If not for a splendid reflex of the Morlock and a Smoke Grenade throw that smoked the entire area around him – he might got killed…


With a Moran and a Crazy Koala covering the Lasiq, a Janissary opened up in a try to deal with both of these threats at once. On top of Crazy Koala bursting into action, the Moran replied with a Boarding Shotgun blast, all the while Interventor LT Oblivioned the Janissary through the Moran’s Repeater. Janissary reacted, sending four HMG bullets in Moran’s direction. Bad luck befell him, as he ate up all three ARO’s and failed to do any damage to the Moran. He was as good as done, going to Unconcious.

Crazy Koala gone, a Tuareg Sniper appeared over the spot where the Lasiq was hiding and shot the shocked Spektr to unconcious. He then continued trying to take out a Transductor Zond from HVT’s range, but failed spectacularly in four orders. He took out a Morlock standing nearby the Zond instead, this one falling to Unconcious without complaints.

AHD Tuareg moved forward, avoiding the Mines nearby, by moving prone. He slowly closed in on the Nomad Interventor LT and hacked to isolate him, but in typical ‘against an Interventor’ situation, he got Sucker Punched to unconcious in return…


The last of the Morlocks rushed in the direction of the closest enemy. A Camoed Farzan withheld his ARO not to eat up a mine, that layed nearby and basked in the sun. The Morlock, being the last one of his entire group, spent his Irregular Order, Discovering then Shooting the Farzan, who to his surprise, Dodged both the pistol shot and a mine on a Crit…

That triggered me. With a loud announcement of “Fear not Human Sphere – Dong Peyote is here!” I put my ‘dong’ on the board…

In a whirlwind of blasts, punches and a cock rocket shots The Mighty Dong Peyote entered the board…

With a kill count worth of four enemy troops and 78 total points, entire order pool spent, the Mighty Dong Peyote finally succumbed to his wounds and died, but not before he screamed #Hoooodoooong! in a Braveheart style, with his last breath…

Wiping the teatrs from his eyes, the Interventor LT used his order to Spotlight the enemy HVT, thus honoured the fallen hero, ensuring a fulfillment of the Classyfied Objective…


Loosing four troops, LT among them, was a blow to Haqqislammers. Farzan took over command and advanced to enact revenge. He shot the versatile Transductor Zond in the back and closed in on the Nomads.

Just as usual, the Zhayedan Doctor Plus got up with an auto-medikit (he always does!) and took a defensive position, along with Lasiq and Tuareg Snipers.

Haqqislam troops braced for the last Nomad turn to come…


Last Nomads turn was a real massacre. Interventor LT buffed the Total Reaktion Zond with Marksman L2 and let it loose on the enemy.

The berzerk Zond moved right through the Nomad Deployment Zone, taking out Zhayedan Doctor Plus from behind a cover. Next to fall was the Farzan, peppered with bullets, instantly dead. Lasiq followed short. Tuareg sniper – last to face the Zond – performed a bit better, goping through the first wave of shots without a scratch. He fell down in next order tho. Being the last Haqqislam warrior on the board, Tuareg delivered the last points to the Nomads score…


Once the dust settled down the remaining Nomad forces swiped the area. This was a fine victory of 9:1 for the Nomads, but not without a cost. The mighty hero who appeared on the battlefield at the time of the direst need and turned the tables on the Haqqislammers got killed. Strangely, his body was not found among the dead…


This was a very interresting game. I had a blast, while some of Haqqislam units got blasted XD At this point the Strikezone: Wotan is still on the roll and I hope this Battle Report helped Bromads in achieving their goal to keep the Dong Peyote afloat!



Battle Report: Infinity Corregidor vs Quapu Khalqui

I’m back with another Infinity Battle Report! Such articles are uncommon here, cause this is clearly a site about painting miniatures – still what would painting mean if not for gaming in the end?

Nazroth vs Jezus


I went on a short vacation, on a trip to 3city (Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot – all located over the Baltic Sea, up notrh from Toruń, where I currently live). As it happened – I took my miniatures with me and used free time to game some Infinity. One of my ventures took me to Micro Art Studio’s headquarters, where i visited my friends. I was given a chance to play one game against Micro Art Studio, represented by Jan Horydowiec aka ‘Jezus’. For the sole purpose of this game, a splendid gaming table was prepared, with use of all the cool stuff made by Micro Art Studio and presented at Kickstarter, early this year! Well, ain’t I lucky?!

MAS 13

When I was taken to the MAS’s Gaming Room – I was awed. So many fantastic terrain pieces. Almost one half of the walls was covered with shelves from top to botom, and each shelf was filled with masterpieces. The table itself looked just amazing and I was shocked to see how superior these terrain pieces really were. Kickstarter does bearly cover the amount of AWESOME that I myself have witnessed.

MAS 14


LOCATION: Zhurong Power Plant, Flamia Island

SCENARIO: ARMIES: Seize the Antennas

ARMIES: Nazroth, Corregidor vs Jezus, Qapu Khalqi

The game itself started with me being so impressed by my surroundings, that I almost exploded! Jezus in the other hand was rather calm and at ease. I now can’t help but wander – what does he felt like, seeing me adrenalized to the point of overheating, spilling thousand word per second etc… Well, at least he is a Nomad player so he had some experience dealing with freaks like me…

Either way – I asked him to use an alternative army, so that in case I won – the points will be scored for the RED team in Operation Flamestrike. He picked some sweet looking Haqqislam miniatures and used a pre-made Army List, prepared by the armie’s owner (another old friend from MAS). We picked a simple scenario, which would compliment the Terrain, already set up on the table. Made Command Rolls (I won) and started the dance of war. This was my first game against Qapu Khalqi so I decided to keep Deployment. Wanted to see what would be fielded against me – before I could decide what to do about that. Jezus decided he will start then, and set up his army first, on the side appointed by me. Qapu Khalqi looked rather regular, with some nice 360* Odalisque chicks (in my opinion defenders), a link, a doc, some FO’s here and there, three Yuan Yuans and a MSV2 HMG guy. This one could become a real problem so I deployed covering him with five ARO’s including both Intruders and some Linked troops. That was supposed to deliver my victory along with supremacy over that sweet looking battlefield.

MAS Cor Dep

MAS Haqq Dep

J  Jezus's 1st turn:

That also prooved to be my undoing, as once the game started with me stealing two orders from Jezus’s Order Pool – I was shocked to see a Smoke Grenade landing before HMG DJANBAZAN! Damn – that is a second time I was took by surprise with a Smoke – being sure that Corregidor (using the same tactic) is somehow Smoke-proof. I totally missjudged the situation and deployed like target-practice against a superior firepower. First shot took down my MSR Intruder (I made an ARO and failed), while soon after some of my Alguacils followed (Unconcious). Jezus ate my Crazy Koalas with a Nasmat rush – then used Odalisque to annihilate my Moran. He also seized the central Antenna. After that I lost another Intruder. Ended up with both Intruders DEAD along with Spec Ops. Two out of four remaining Alguaciles were Unconcious. In that state I started my first turn.


MAS 11

MAS 10

N  Nazroth's 1st turn:

I tried to make the best out of this situation. Used Daktari to revive both fallen Alguaciles (Lupe being one of them), then using Tomcat Doctor to (what I thought would be) outflank enemy forces. I lost my Tomcat but managed to send one Odalisque to Unconcious. I reformed a Link with four remaining Alguaciles and managed to overshoot second Odalisque, Husam and Djanbazan one by one. I also managed to seize the closest Antenna, made some reshuffle then ended up my turn.



MAS 12

J  Jezus's 2nd turn:

Jezus’s turn was more about healing, with one Odalisque getting back on her feet. Yuan Yuans were advancing, alongside a Camo Marker. Due to lack of most of my heavy hitters my ARO’s were somehow diminished with Qapu Khalqi’s superior firepower. Linked Ghulams advanced and seized another Antenna, still I managed to loose Lupe Balboa to a HMG Ghulam’s mad firepower… She was meant to seize the central Antenna, so I had to change my plans a bit…


N  Nazroth's 2nd turn:

My second turn was to be Lunokhods great debiut. He managed to survive, hidden in the District5 Warehouse, and I used that huge cover to get him into position. One Yuan Yuan went down, peppered with Heavy Shotgun shells. I smoked the way forward and sent Lunokhod advancing. I hoped to burn Ghulams to a crips and dig deep into enemy lines, so that Alguacil Hacker, or Daktari be able to get to the cenrtal Console and seize it. Just when I got close to Linked Ghulams I felt like something was wrong. I knew that this was my last line of offence – once dead, I had no means to actually keep the enemy out of the Antennas. I pimped Lunokhod with Marksman L2 and went to eliminate a single Ghulam FO that was keeping watch over his fellows. That’s when it strucked me – I was sure that a single fck’n Critical Hit would end this action – I said it aloud and THAT’S WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED merely seconds later. (OH GOD WHY?!?!?). At that point I was sure to loose this game. Still – show must go on. I tried to move my Hacker closer to the central Antenna, was cought off-guard by enemy Hacker, but managed to Burn his Brain in responce. (That was the first time ever, when I killed enemy Hacker with an actual Hacker Attack!). I went Sup.Fire with my Hacker and ended my turn.


MAS should vs did

MAS hackers

J  Jezus's 3rd turn:

Jezus moved his troops into position, fullfilled a ‘Telemetry’ Classified Objective, tried to overshoot my HMG Alguacil, but lost with three Ghulams in a row, depleeting his Command Token pool and achieving much less than we both anticipated. He finally killed my HMG speciallist, then repositioned his troops and took another Nomad life – Alguacil Hacker was dead.




N  Nazroth's 3rd turn:

With not much orders left I tried to figure out a plan that would let me grab the Antenna, I so desperately needed to win. I started with a Jaguar, smoking the way, then moving and smoking some more – and finally moving firward with last smoke grenade being thrown – and failed with a roll of 19. That screwed the plan, as with a final grenade in place I coul’v easily move Alguacil Paramedic to the Antenna and make two attempts of seizing it. Without the final smoke – this game became a gambit. I moved Paramedic forward to the limits of the second Smoke Grenade, then went down, moved two inches and ended up with a final order to try and seize the Antenna. I went for it – with three ARO’s received in response – ALL FAILED! The final roll – I seized the Antenna! OMG – that was so fortunate! I did not believe in this one and was more than happy to see it actually worked! The rush of adrenaline was so intense that I almost jumped. It got even better when I saw that this last move took my Paramedic into ZOC of enemy HVT and I was able to grab an additional point for it.

MAS smoke action

MAS 15


The game ended up with my forces depleted, but victorious. Two Antennas and one C.O. vs one Antenna and one C.O. meant I won 7 to 4.
Hero of the match: Alguacil Paramedic – for sure!
Worst performance: Nazroth, for playing it like a retard… XD


MAS Wincon


This was a fantastic game against a cool opponent. I do appreciate the fact I was able to play on legendary MAS gameboard, surrounded all over by my favorite hobby. If theres a Disneyland of Wargaming – that certainly was one for me. Can’t wait to visit Gdańsk once again!
In case of any questions about the terrain performance, or just about the game – feel free to comment!


And be sure to Commend me HERE 😛

Go Go Nomads!

Battle Report: Infinity Corregidor vs Yu-Jing

Hello there my awesome readers! As some of you may know – I play Infinity the Game. A new form of global Campaign is currently on the run – you can check it out at OPERATION: FLAMESTRIKE, but for now I invite you to read my latest blog entry – a Battle Report from my Campaign game against Yu Jing army!

batrep vs

LOCATION: Zhurong Power Plant

SCENARIO: Engineering Deck

ARMY: Nazroth – Corregidor vs Garran – Yu Jing,

batrep corregidor

batrep yu jing


This time I took my Corregidor on a ride to a Chełmża city, close by. There’s a strong gaming community there along with an arsenal of terrain and a pretty awesome gaming place – “Chełmżyński Ośrodek Klutury” (Chełmża’s Culture Center) – CHOK. I game there from time to time, participating in a local Infinity league. We all agreed in advance to use Flamestrike rules so this time I was prepared, with my Camera being on standby, notes and destined scenario at hand. I arrived just in time to form a pair with a local Warcor – Garran, which happend to be a great coincidence, as we haven’t had chance to game against each other yet! We both agreed to fight for Zhurong Power Plant. (I was eager to finally play a scenario that I failed to pick last time while Garran is a Yu Jing player – so the choice was pretty obvious.)


Along with some small talk we have exchanged our open information and rolled Wip’s. My Leutenant failed (as usual) and I was thrown into defensive by Garran’s decision to keep the initiative. (I actually like to play second as both my roster and game style are mostly defensive. Playing a rather ‘shooty & tricky’ army I tend to deny the field to enemy, covering vital movement/shooting corridors with Koalas and firepower. Once my Reactive turn is over I move to eliminate high value threats with precise amount of offense power. It works for me most of the time.)

batrep battlefield

Battle for CHOK

I used the opportunity to pick up the Deployment Zone, and asked Garran to deploy first. He covered both sides of his Deployment Zone with specialists and the Yao Zao’s. He also hid Kuang Shi’s and set up a Rui Shi in the center of his Depzone. Now was my turn to do my tricks…

batrep YJ

Seeing a rather symmetric deployment I choose to keep left flank covered with my Alguacil Link. They had a really nice, covered spot there and were deployed to ARO one Cuang Shi and Rui Shi at the first sign of movement. Having Rui Shi covered I deployed my MSR Intruder on the high spot, far to the right – adding an ARO punch against Rui Shi if needed and covering the whole right side of the table. HMG Intruder is both my agressive unit and backup in case of Sniper’s death so I deployed him in the middle of my Depzone along with a Daktari and one Smoke-giving Jaguar. While Daktari was close to one Objective Console I choose to cover another one with Alguacil Hacker, hidden just around a corner on the right. Moran Maasai Hunter infiltrated a nice spot outside the Objective Room, with both Koalas being spread wide and in cover. I also hid my last Jaguar behind a small piece of cover and hoped for the best.

batrep CRGD

Garran made a wise decision and deployed Su Jian from reserve onto my right flank (far away from my death dealing Link).

I responded with a counter-unit, hiding Lunokhod behind a high wall on the same flank as Su Jian. I made my prayers and let him enter the sloughterhouse…

batrep 6


G  Garran 1st turn:

– I use a Command Token to restraint Su Jian’s wild charge (-2 Orders from the 1st Combat Group).
The game then started for good with Garran’s Impetous units.
– Firstblood went to Lupe Balboa for obliterating Shaolin with a short burst from her Combi-Rifle.
– Soon after one of Kuang Shis followed to the land of the dead, guided by missiles from Alguacil’s HMG.
(I have deployed after Garran so I covered these miniatures with ARO’s from both girls.)
– Su Jian used the first order from it’s group, moving ahead. MSR Intruder reacted to this fast moving targed with a single round. A burst from Su Jian’s Spitfire was not enough to overshoot my “Sniper’s” Critical Hit and it lost 1 STR.
– Not intimidated, Su Jiand moved along it’s selected route and closing in for better distance against my Sniper. This time more ARO’s replied as Su Jian’s movement took it throug a path covered by HMG Intruder and one rearguard Alguacil. Let’s say that NWI state was the least punishment it could have received.
Battered and a bit helpless Su Jian Cosy cuddled behind a medium piece of cover for the time being and the action moved to the other side of the combat zone.
– Hac Tao appeared out of thin air. Both of my linked Combat Beasts (Lupe and HMG Alguacil) replied with fire, overshooting Hac Tao and peppering him with holes. One Panzerfaust hit and Hac Tao was halved in W attribute.
– Still Hac Tao is a tough bastard. Regardless of his wound he shrugged and sprayed my girls with another burst. One shot vs Lupe missed, while HMG specialist got hit with three rounds. I laughed loud while she saved all three of them. Garran not so much 🙂
– With persistence worth a commendation Hac Tao tried his best to eliminate my Link once more. This time tho HMG Alguacil went freenzy like Blain from Predator the movie and cut him down screeming!
– At that point I was pretty sure that Hac Tao’s reing has ended, but Garran corrected me with a successful heal delivered to the fallen warrior by a Yao Zao standing in base contact, just behind a short wall. (“not again” – I thought, seeing this behemoth of steel rising up from the ashes and threatening my Alguacils once more.) For the worst of it – a successful healing provided Garran with a Victory Point as he choose ‘Experimental Drug’ as one of his Hidden Objectives!
– The sounds of fire begun anew whith Hac Tao shooting three rounds against my HMG specialist and one vs Lupe. Both girsl survived and I decided to fail Guts Roll and let them rest behind a cover for a bit. (Shame to loose them at this point, where one solid burst of 5 could cut down that Hac Tao bastard for good at my turn).
– I turned out that Garran was waiting just for that, as soon after he moved his Rui Shi and forced my ARO’ing MSR Intruder into a defensive.
– A bit late, still Celestial Guard Hacker buffed Rui Shi with Marksmanship L2, thus increasing it’s chance against my covered long-barreled killer. One Critical Hit later my MRS Intruder was a memory as his headless carcass fell to the ground.
– Free of his terror Su Jian came to life once again, leaning out of cover and shooting against second Intruder, who replied with an ARO but achieved nothing.
– With most of my forces occupied by hiding behind cover the field was clear for Garran’s forces to advance. Keisotsu Paramedic choose this moment to climb the stairs and connect a Console (YJ table half, on my right flank).
– Last ‘Irregular’ Order sought my Jaguar being slain by advancing Has Tao, as Garran exchanged it for a Regular one with a Command Token.

TURN 1 SUMMARY: Lost: Shaolin, Kuang Shi, / Killed: Intruder MSR, Jaguar Chain, / Objective: 1 Console, 1 Hidden (experimental Drug),

batrep 1

N  Nazroth 1st turn:

With order count of 8/4 and two miniatures lost I was sure to hit back hard. Advancing enemy forces were exactly where I wanted them – with their fronts turned to my forces. Both Hac Tao and Su Jian were bleeding out with a single hit required to send them flying. Discarding these two, only Rui Shi was posing a threat to my strike units (Lunokhod and HMG Intruder). I waged my options and opened with a gambit:
– I moved onto the board with a Tomcat Engineer (left flank, behind Hac Tao and Toketsu Engineer) forsing them to either turn around or face certaind doom. To my surprise Engineer failed to face the newcomer, while Hac Tao turned a bit just to see my Tom’C if he decided to climb the building wall and get him.
– I then moved the action onto the central part of my Depzone, where Jaguar crawled a bit and smoked the way for HMG Intruer.


TURN 1 SUMMARY: Tomcat Engineer, / Killed: Celestial Guard (KSCD), Rui Shi, Tokusetsu Engineer, Hac Tao (u), / Objectives: 1 Console,

batrep 2


Garran: Lost: Shaolin, Kuang Shi, Celestial Guard (KSCD), Rui Shi, Tokusetsu Engineer, Hac Tao (u) / Objective: 1 Console, 1 Hidden (Experimental Drug),
Nazroth: Lost: Intruder MSR, Jaguar Chain, Tomcat Engineer, / Objectives: 1 Console,

G  Garran 2nd turn:

– Loss of Leutenant saw Garran’s forces in dissaray. Impetous warriors moved and lost yet another of their brethren due to HAM Alguacil’s fire.
– Toketsu Doctor moved Yao Zao risking G:servant’s life in an attemt to heal Hac Tao. With a final effort Yao Zao bringed Hac Tao from the verge of death, then his lights went off ang he stop moving himself. Both Alguacil girls made surethat it won’t heal anyone else.
– The dance of death begun anew as Hac Tao tried his chances vs my girls with no avail, as my indestructible ladies rolled saves, laughing wildly. (One Irregular Order exchanged for a Regular with Command Token.)
– Garran made his last attemt so silent my Linked heroines, exchanging his last Command Token. This time HMG Alguacil had no mercy and cut Hac Tao’s body in half with a concentraded fire from her Heavy MG’.
– An order later Su Jian avenged his death by slaying my second Intruder.
– Having nothing better to do Guilang opened the door to the Security Room.

TURN 2 SUMMARY: Lost: Kuang Shi, Hac Tao, Yao Zao (doc), / Killed: Intruder HMG, / Objectives: Objective: 1 Console, 1 Hidden (Experimental Drug),

batrep 3

N  Nazroth 2nd turn:

Left with no Intruders I had only one universal assault unit at my disposal – the Lunokhod. With order count of 7/4 I left the things be and started activations.
– I first tried to eliminate a potential threat to my Lunokhod in form of enemy Hacker. I used my own Hacker to do that, shuffling him behind cover and sending a burst meant for the hostile unit. He dodged and hid from LOF.
– Now I could move Lunokhod from behind his initial cover, so he went straight for Su Jian. I kept him hidden, occasionally shooting enemy Hacker once he was revealed. First attempt failed as Lunokhod’s Heavy Shotgun range is rather short, but I hit the mark during another activation. I also los a Koala, who was careless enough to cross Su Jian’s line of fire.
– Third Lunokhod’s activation took him out into Su Jian’s ARO but Heavy Shotgun prooved to be enough to finally slay the beast.
(Enemy in retreat and with Loss of Leutenant – I moved to gain advantage in Objective Points. Zhurong Power Plant and Nomad’s wellbeing were on the line!).
– I cleared the path killing a Guilang FO with a single Burst of ‘5’ shot by Alguacil HMG specialist.
– Path cleared, Moran Maasai Hunter broke into the Security Room and Connected central Console at second attempt.
– Alguacil Hacker followed, moving forward and connetcing the Console on my right flank.
– I was left with no competitive options, but to try and complete my Hidden Objectives which was “Experimental Drug” (lol, yea, whatever) and “HVT: Designation”. I went for the last one, first leaning Mooran out of the Security Room and targeting enemy HVT, then using him as a repeater for Alguacil Hacker and Spotlight’ing the target with my final order.

TURN 2 SUMMARY: Lost: none, / Killed: Celestial Guard Hacker, Su jian, Guilang FO, Objectives: 3 Consoles, 1 Hidden (HVT: Designation),

batrep 4


Garran: Lost: Shaolin, 2x Kuang Shi, Celestial Guard (KSCD), Rui Shi, Tokusetsu Engineer, Hac Tao, Yao Zao (doc), Su jian, Celestial Guard Hacker, Guilang FO, / Objective: 1 Console, 1 Hidden (Experimental Drug),
Nazroth: Lost: Intruder MSR, Jaguar Chain, Tomcat Engineer, Intruder HMG, / Objectives: 3 Consoles, 1 Hidden (HVT: Designation),

G  Garran 3rd. turn:

Garran’s forces were in Retreat along with a Loss of Leutenant. (Which was the missfortunate Guilang FO.)
Not many options with both Kuang Shi being far away from combat, and near to all specialist troops gone.
– Garran took a final attempt of earning Victory Points by mowing his regular Keisotsu into my HVT’s Zone of Control. The plan failed by Keisotsu being shredded with ARO fire from my Alguacil Link.
No need for further actions – we shook hands of one another and counted our remaining points.

TURN 3 SUMMARY: Lost: Keisotsu, / Killed: none, / Objectives: 1 Console, 1 Hidden (Experimental Drug),

batrep 5


Garran: Lost: Shaolin, 2x Kuang Shi, Celestial Guard (KSCD), Rui Shi, Tokusetsu Engineer, Hac Tao, Yao Zao (doc), Su jian, Celestial Guard Hacker, Guilang FO, Keisotsu, / Objective: 1 Console, 1 Hidden (Experimental Drug),
Nazroth: Lost: Intruder MSR, Jaguar Chain, Tomcat Engineer, Intruder HMG, / Objectives: 3 Consoles, 1 Hidden (HVT: Designation),

batrep wincon


I got back home around 16:30, sat straight to this Battle Report. It’s past 23:00 now so as you can see – writing something like that is a lot of work. I really respect the work of guys from Corvus Belli and other cool content authors, as right now I want only to take a bath and ‘Reset’ 🙂 Hope you like my article – be sure to ‘Commend it’ at Flamestrike Campaign official site 😉



Gaming: Infinity Tournament Preparation

Being a Wargaming hobbyist is not always related to miniature painting. Some of us just like to collect miniatures, others enjoy competitive play. There are those who do not feel joy of having a brush in one hand and a miniature in the other all the time. That doesn’t make them any less a ‘hobbyist’ than the actual painters. Needless to say that regardless of what makes us into true hobbyists we have one important thing in common: we love miniatures.

Having that in mind I’ve prepared something not exactly related to painting miniatures. It is a small Tutorial about Preparation before an ‘Infinity the game’ Tournament. A preparation that in my opinion is especially important from the ‘beginners’ point of view but will benefit all the players present at the evet, and here’s why:

The game lives on as long as it sells and it sells as long as it’s fun. ‘Fun’ is the principal of hobby, still a lot of players consider miniature wargaming tournaments of being ‘all about competitive play’. The fact that both sides should have the same amount of fun is pushed to back burner as once the adrenaline kicks in, there’s no thinking about ‘what the oponent feels?’ – only what he ‘thinks’ and only if related to the current game 🙂 Sometimes that leads to stressful situations or even unpleasant behavior. On the other hand there are players more interrested in throwing some dice and moving miniatures enjoying scenario flavor and nice looking scenery pieces. These happen to misstriger some reactions, forget rules or equipment vital to play the game according to the rulebook. So in order to bring fun to the tournament and have some fun ourselves we shoud both prepare mentally and grab some gear for the upcomming event.

x mental
Mental Conditioning: First of all try to think about what the opponent feels? Off course it won’t be fun to be massacred by some unpainted ‘tournament ready in 15 minutes’ miniatures of a guy who ‘must win this one to get to top 3’. Stone face and lack of sense of humour is your’s enemy as much as it is for your opponent, regardless of which kind of player you face. At the same time have in mind what’s going on in your opponent’s head while you shift back movements and can’t make your mind for what seems to be an eternity. Or while you whine about your opponent’s miniatures being unpainted and how ‘devoid of climate’ that is instead of facing this match like a man.

– You play against ‘non competitive flavor snail’? Even when you behave nice and point out some vital rules, that your opponent may to forget, try adding a joke or some short battlefield anegdote to smooth the atmosphere. It is possible to win literally obliterating oponents army and still to achieve fun for both sides. Try to keep your adrenaline glands dormant as once they flare up you only worsen the opponent’s reaction time.

– You play against a ‘rookie’? Keep the atmosphere calm and friendly having in mind your own first tournament experience. Try not to use tournament slang and abbreviations – your opponent nodding does not have to mean he understands what you said. Tutour your oponent (ok, do it after some actions have been taken so he learns on mistakes) to help him understand what did just happened but also to become a better opponent for the future matches. This way you also become a better player.

– You play against a ‘tight ass pro’? Don’t treat some rules as not obligatory, for example be thorough while moving your miniatures (don’t steal some vital inches due to being lazy). Be calm and accurate but at the same time try to decide fast even if it costs you a loss of confidence on the table. Better to loose and learn from your opponent than to win and stagnate without evolving your skills. Remember that once you estabilish an accurate form of contact you will be able to ask some vital questions thus fastening the game and having less difficulties with making important decisions.

– You play against ‘Luck’? Don’t be angry at dice. This game is all about RNG, also luck is a bitch. You will take your time to position a sniper in full advantage just to be taken out by a stupid pistol’s ARO while at the same time some Combi Rifle grunt will multikill on a spree! Infinity is just ‘that kind of a game’. Deal with it or move on to ther systems;)

Some basic rules of having 'Fun':

– Clock is ticking! Keep track of time as you may be the one overthinking too much.
– Hands off! Under any circumstances do not touch opponent’s miniatures unless he lets or asks you to.
– Obtain certainty! Ask your opponent for any ARO’s or other actions available to him so that he won’t misstriger. Have in mind that the harder it is to win the better player you’ll become.
– Buckle up and disengage! When game ends just pack your stuff and report results to a judge. Then transfer your things to a neutral place (parapet, empy table…). Most people tend to leave their belongings scattered around the table and dissapear to be late for another round. In that case you being late and unprepared means that four players, yourself included, will be awaiting while you chaotically collect your stuff from around the table.
– Keep noting! Write down every major  choices so that there won’t be any doubt about them. For example which Camouflage Marker reffer to which miniature etc.

!  Additional tip - Read the official Infinity Tournament System rules and Scenarios that will be played at the event.

x material

Gear Preparation: Gaming is so much easier when you don’t have to borrow stuff from all the peeps at the tournament. Usually it’s also much faster! Being professional does not mean that you go straight for Power Gaming, it means to play according to the rules thus reducing a number of conflicts to a minimum.

Pro: If you consider yourself a Pro then I don’t need to tell you of how important some of this stuff actually is. You probably own your personal tournament set and know your own ways of waging war.

Rookie: One of the reasons why Infinity is such a great game is that you don’t have to spend a lot of cash on a bunch of useless items (say ‘hi’ to Games Workshop from me) and can focus your finances on miniatures instead. Rulebook, Unit Profiles, Unit Silhouettes, Tokens and Markers are all printable. Just fallow to Download section at Infinitythegame.com. Even the Classyfied Objective Deck is not obligatory as rulebook includes a special table that you may use instead! That leaves you with some vital stuff like Tape Meausure, Dice, Templates and off course Miniatures to obtain. So regardless of what kind of Tournament Gear you have – it’s time to pack it correctly.

– Pack your bag! Try to pack your bag/box to the optimum. An optimal packed bag will let you move swiftly on the tournament ground, embark your miniatures fast after the game (to let other use the same table) and unpack them rapidly when facing next opponent! Some vital stuff will be within reach all the time also!


– Print an Army Roster! That goes both for your’s and ‘Courtesy’ one to show it to your opponent. A printed roster is easy to apprehend and will fasten the ‘game preparation’ process. Also you will be able to decide on strategy easier when facing plain enemy roster yourself. Did I mentioned that wothout it you won’t be able to participate?
Use ARMY program to prepare your army list and don’t forget to print ‘Courtesy’ roster for your opponent.


– Templates (‘teardrops’), Blast Markers (‘cookies’): Must have, just don’t show without them!

– Precise Measures: Precise Measure is in my opinion the most important tool of precise gaming so I recommend you bring one. It comes in handy while moving miniatures and checking their Area of Control. It makes the game a lot more pleasant.


– Tokens: Wounds, Unconsious, Prone, Regular Orders, Impetous*, Irregular Orders*, Camo*, Command Tokens (*if your army uses these) are vital to the game performance. These are must have and if you lack some cash to purchase fine versions of these – you can always print and cut yourself.

– Objective Markers: Objective Markers are not obligatory but they come in pretty handy. All for the sake of keeping track of what’s going on at the table.If you lack these yourself then probably your opponent will provide his own set, but what if he thought exactly the same?


– Silhouettes: Silhouettes* are a must have in N3 (*if your army uses these) and they tend to be used at some point in the game. They are being used if a certain Line of Fire situation is not clear. At first you will probably mean they are an inconvenience but after couple of tries you won’t be able to play without them.

– Classified Deck: This item is just awesome. All the rolling involving a special table and then searching how does a certain secondary objective works is just frustrating. You can either buy one of these along with your friends or print a copy. Whatever you choose you won’t regret!

– Laser Pointers: No more Line of Fire arguments, no more asking other players if a miniature sees another miniature, no more judge involvement needed. Fast and awesome method to check out LoF!

– Facing Markers: Facing Markers are a whim, as you can just mark facings on the miniature’s base. Still I preffer these instead of destroying smooth, black surface of my miniatures’ bases.

– Wound Rings: Wound Rings have one advantage over Wound Tokens – they fallow the miniature wherever it goes without you being involved.


– Tape Measure, Dice: These must be present. They all are vitat to the game and not taking one is like forgeting to put your pants on for the event. (Well if you actually happen to like going out without pants consider this actidentally putting them on instead!).

– Pen & Paper: Pen & Paper are important as you will be asked to write some vital information like which Camouflage Marker is related to a certain miniature etc.These ARE OBLIGATORY regardless if you consider yourself a Pro or a newbie.


– The Miniatures: Try to pack only the necessary ones and in a configuration that will be easy to access and won’t require lots of time to be deployed/swiped back.


The Rules: No one demands that you take a paperback Rulebook with you, not to mention all the errata, Paradiso, FAQ, whatever. A mobile phone with basic Rulebook.pdf will usually do. Be advised tho, as leaving on a tournament without any means of consulting a Rulebook is a mistake. Syre you may be able to memorise all the rules but I doubt that and a Rulebook is much cheaper than amphetamine.
A mobile phone with internet access to check out Infinity Wiki is also a nice thing to have.

So a lot of what must and musn’t be done here 🙂 Please remember that this is my own opinion based on personal experience acquired during over fifteen years of miniature wargaming including some world class tournaments. As for Infinity I’m still a noob so I will have to confront my ways with a bunch of tournaments but I’m sure that most of these will prove true.

Infinty Tournament Checklist:

Must haves:
– Miniatures,
– Roster for you and the opponent,*(printable)
– Pen & Paper,
– Tape Measure,
– Dice set,
– Tokens, (printable) / WHERE TO PURCHASE
– Silhouettes, (printable) / WHERE TO PURCHASE
– Templates and Blast Marker, (printable) / WHERE TO PURCHASE
– Rules,** (printable)

*- Printed Roster for you and the opponent,
– Precise Measure, / WHERE TO PURCHASE
– Objective Markers, (printable) / WHERE TO PURCHASE
– Classified Deck, (printable)
– Laser Pointer, / WHERE TO PURCHASE
**- Paperback Rulebook, (printable)

– Facing Markers, (may be painted) / WHERE TO PURCHASE
– Wound Rings, / WHERE TO PURCHASE
**- Printed Errata, FAQ,
**- Paperback/printed Paradiso etc,

Feel free to add some stuff in the comments – In the future I will gladly expand this article according to wise advice.