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Tutorial: DIY Infinity Hacking Device Projector

Tutorial: DIY Infinity Hacking Device Projector

Recently I’ve decided to take my previous Hacking Device Holoprojector concept to a higher level. The key point was to use the same base material: a Coca Cola bottle plastic, but instead of painting simbols and lines on it – make it look more like a complex holo projection with many ‘windows’ opened at once. A devious plan formed in my mind and here I am sharing it with all who are eager to read it!

Inf Nomad Hacker 1


* Scissors,
* Twizzers,
* Super Glue,
* Coca Cola bottle XD
* Piece of plastic/brass mesh,

0 1

0 2

1  Using Scissors cut a small piece of Brass Mesh and a small piece of Coca Cola bottle.


2  Still using Scissors cut a piece of Plastic into small rectangles.


3  Use some oval shaped tool to softly bend both the Brass Mesh piece and Plastic rectangles.


4  Using Super Glue, attach the Brass Mesh piece to a miniature.


!  I recommend to paint the miniature along with Brass Mesh piece at this point.


5  Using Tweezers and Super Glue attach Plastic rectangles to a painted Brass Mesh.


6  It is done, but you can apply some Skull White onto the edges of Plastic rectangles to make them look more 3D.

Inf Nomad Hacker 2

And that’s it 🙂 Whole process takes up to 10 minutes so I decided to remove old Holoprojectors from my Nomadic Hackers and install brand new ‘software’. Hope you give it a try 😉


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AikasMXPosted on3:56 pm - Apr 14, 2016

It’s Amazing! I will use it for my Hackers!!

Zenon BergPosted on6:37 pm - Feb 19, 2017

My goodness, this is brilliant! How have I not seen this before?!
Definitely stolen, thanks for sharing!

DagibbonPosted on5:03 pm - Apr 3, 2017

Just stumbled across this and your Nomad army; both are fantastic mate, well done! I will be using this technique and your models for inspiration when I (eventually) start painting my Nomad force. Thanks for explaining how you did it!

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