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    Here you can find a wide range of miniatures recently painted by me. Be advised though cause the abyss may stare back at you if you peek into it for too long...


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    You take the blue pill - the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe in whatever you want. Or you take the red pill - you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes...


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    Like a tidal wave the urge of creation comes and goes. Sometimes it clutches me in it's hungry jaws. On such occasions I tend to throw everything away and stay up whole night making these...


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    First painted, then gamed with! You want to see some of my miniatures in action? Follow me into the midst of slaughter...


Latest Projects:

Salamanders Fleet

Kings of War: Armada Salamanders fleet


Infinity the Game collection painted lvl 5…

Floating Islands

KoW Armada Scenery Special Project…

Dwarf Tresure Hunters

Mordheim Dwarf collection…



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Tutorial: Painting KoW Armada Salamanders Fleet

Kings of War: Armada is a fantastic game, full of beautifully crafted miniatures. Still some wargaming veterans might feel intimidated by the unusual scale and plentiful detail of Armada ships. Today I will present to you how easy it is to paint Armada Salamanders ships as can be seen in Gallery: Armada Salamanders. All techniques presented […]

Tutorial: Modeling Smoke

Oh those sweet looking puff of smoke. Such a fine detail. So much character. So many conversion possibilities. Be it fumes from magic cauldron, engine exhausts or freshly tossed smoke grenades. There’s only that many Kill Team Moroch boxes a hobbyist can get their hands on, am I right? What if I told you there […]

Tutorial: Converting Night Lords

It is middle of the night. You and the boys just engaged Prey Sight and head out in search for the guilty. “In Midnight Clad”, but not without some fancy ‘fleshy’ adornments. Time to pimp that Night Lords armor. If this sounds like something that tickles your fancy, or if you just want to make […]

“Amazing experience! Incredible value for the price, professional communication and feedback as well. The turn around time was much faster than other commission painters... I felt we were collaborating together..."


“Oh man! I really can’t take my eyes off of them! They are gorgeous!"


“Just forget about the others and ask him for your commission painting, you won’t be disappointed, from beginning to end!”


"...I fu**ing love them! They look more awesome than I ever would have expected .. f*ck I love the minis and can’t wait for the next game. Thank you mate you did such a great masterpiece! You can be so proud of them!..."


“Hi man. The models are here. I have to say your packaging is so good that I suspect you work for shipping company in real life. Anyway, they look so cool in my hands. Way better than the pictures”