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Review: Board Game AVP The Hunt Begins

Hey guys! Some of you may find this interresting. Recently I bought a hot stuff: AVP The Hunt Begins boardgame and what I found inside the box forced me to write this review. About Aliens vs Predator franchise: I personally love AVP. The retro futuristic setting and it's owe


Colour Recipes: Infinity Aleph (black/white)

Here are some Colour Recipes for Infinity Aleph from GALLERY: ALEPH lvl 4 BLACK/GREY outfits & weapons: Black Undercoat, Dark Sea Grey (Vallejo) airbrushed, Medium Sea Grey (Vallejo) airbrushed, Light Grey (Vallejo) airbrushed, Pale Grey Blue (Vallejo) airbrushed, Whi


Tutorial: Painting Infinity Nomad Red Armour

Here is a Step-by-step guide of how to paint Infinity Nomad Red Armour - Scar_hand Painting's style :) A complete Recipee used to paint my Infinity Nomads may be found in COLOUR RECIPEES: INFINITY NOMADS. You can also find some additional pictures in the NOMADS: CORREGIDOR


Tutorial: Concrete Bases

Ever wanted to make some cool looking bases for your Infinity models? Here's a tutorial of how to do it :) *Round bases, *Plastticard, *Some SF bitz, *Modelling Knife, File, Sculpting Tool and glue, Instead of SF bitz you can use literally anything including toothpick, br