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High Five

High Five

2020 right? How to even begin? I feel like 2020 was all about the extremes. I had my share of some of the worst and some of the best things to happen to me in my entire career. No middle ground. I was seriously considering sharing with you, dear readers, some of the sad stuff that I had to overcome last year, but scrapped the idea. We all had our share of weight to lift. I bet you’re fed up with sad stories. Let us focus on the bright side. 

Challenge Accepted

Being at once a dad and a commission painter is hardcore to say the least. I worked from home before it gone mainstream, you know… and I used to love it. Nowadays, with a one year old kiddo running around the place… I miss these 12 hours straight painting marathons. Was something primordial about it. This special mood, unbroken concentration – made me feel whole. It is in the past now. No longer being a master of my own time, somewhere along the road I lost my daily rhythm.
I had to paint this image before you, this emotional setting. Bare with me – it is in these conditions, that some of the most exciting, awesome works of my life came into being! Last year was full of variety, demanding display pieces, high level collections…you name it! All I could hope for as a painter and it really kept me going. Pushed me to the limit, but also helped me grow as a hobbyist, allowed me to focus on plans to improve my business. Finally, motivated me to explore brand new things.

Still I wouldn’t make it without help and support from amazing people I’ve met along the way.

And on that note I want to thank all of my customers and friends, who entrusted me with their miniatures. Especially: Andreas, Bettina, Clemens, Jek, Laurent, Max, Michael, Olo, Romana, Thomas – thank you for sticking with me and helping me stay on this path, I so recklessly chose to walk. 

2020 Highlights

Blog Highlights

I’ve been such a scarhandpainting/blog slacker this last year. You know it’s true. With a one year old feeding on my sanity and scraps of free time, 16 articles is all I’ve got to show for entire 2020. So no kudos for me. That being said – huge kudos to you folks, for keeping the blog flying with over 140000 views, which is a lot more than last year! Seeing how popular the blog is makes me happy but also humbled. Thank you for reading and sharing my articles. It means a lot. 

19 new articles got published. These are the ones you found the most interesting…

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…and the Undefeated TOP 3 of all time favorites:

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What’s next?

Pragmatic part of me wants to say “survival”, “patience”. 2020 showed that even solid plans can go south pretty fast. It also showed that bad stuff might lead to some unexpected positive results. Dreamer part of me is all about “growth”, “perfecting”. Putting scarhandpainting logo on stickers, magnets and mugs, starting an Instagram account, was just a first step. I have grand plans. I want to surprise my customers and friends. I want to get better and evolve. There have been some issues my business was struggling for the past few weeks, but it’s behind now. A lot of things is already set in to motion. That’s all I can reveal for now. In the meantime the paint flows as usual and that’s what matters the most! 

If by any chance you find yourself in need of a painter – do not hesitate to contact me at contact@scarhandpainting.com 
Would also appreciate if you recommend me to your hobby friends who bring bare plastic to the gaming club – it keeps my paint flowing. 



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