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Infinity USARF

Infinity USARF

USAriadna collection for Infinity the Game. Most of the miniatures are lvl 3 ‘Fast & Furious’ but there are some pearls among them 🙂

Ariadna grunts foxtrot van zant 1

Ariadna grunts foxtrot van zant desk

USARF Captain Roger Van Zant lvl 5

Ariadna roger van zant 1

Ariadna roger van zant 2

Ariadna roger van zant 3

Ariadna roger van zant 4

Unknown Ranger lvl 5

USARF Maverick lvl 4

Ariadna foxtrot

USARF Mavericks lvl 3

USARF Grunts lvl 3

Ariadna grunts 1

Ariadna grunts 2

Usarf Foxtrots lvl 3

USARF Hardcase lvl 3

USARF Devil Dog lvl 3

USARF Antipode K-9 lvl 3

USARF Dozers lvl 3

USARF Airborne Ranger lvl 3

USARF 5307 Marauder lvl 3

USARF 112 Emergency Service lvl 3

USARF Minuteman OHIO lvl 3

Traktor Mules lvl 3

Warcor lvl 3

Valerya Gromoz lvl 3







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