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Infinity Neoterra

Infinity Neoterra

Neoterra collection for Infinity the Game. All of the miniatures are lvl 3 ‘Fast & Furious’ with addition of Uhlans and Swiss Guard, lvl 4 ‘Chrome & Shiny’. I waged war upon this ‘blue’ with both my skills and brushes. It wasn’t easy, as for the first time in years I couldn’t visualise the end result. Blue was just too overwhelming and I rarely combo it with other colours. Couldn’t use my preffered green light effects etc. Still the army looks satisfying and two center pieces add a really nice vibe to the collection.

NEOTERRA Clausewitz Uhlans lvl 4

NEOTERRA Swiss Guard lvl 4

NEOTERRA Bolts lvl 3

NEOTERRA Fusiliers lvl 3

NEOTERRA Auxilia lvl 3

NEOTERRA Dronbots lvl 3

NEOTERRA Bulleteer Armbot lvl 3

NEOTERRA Hexas lvl 3

NEOTERRA Deva Functionary lvl 3

Warcor lvl 3

NEOTERRA Black Friar lvl 3

0-12 High Comissionar lvl 4

NEOTERRA Wave 2 lvl 3

NEOTERRA Machanist & Trauma-doc lvl 3

NEOTERRABolts lvl 3

NEOTERRATech-Bee lvl 3

NEOTERRA Knauf lvl 3

NEOTERRA Indigo Spec-Ops lvl 3

NEOTERRAGaruda lvl 3

NEOTERRABipandra lvl 3

NEOTERRABulleteer lvl 3

NEOTERRAMulebots lvl 3





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