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I offer a vast variety of bases to compliment your collection, including: Desert, Forest, Highlands, Grass, Snow, Water, Rocky,  Toxic Goo, Lava, Urban, Battlefield, Cobblestone, Sci-Fi to name the few.

Some bases are easy to prepare, whereas some types require a lot of work or even a purchase. To keep things simple I grouped bases into three categories.

STANDARD (Free of Charge)

Standard bases are free of charge. Might come with any type of regular texture paint or sand plus some additional detail in forms of small stones, tufts, flowers etc.

ADVANCED (Payed Extra)

Advanced bases are an Extra Service, which means they are priced in addition to the Assembly & Preparation and Painting. These are more complicated designs including Lava, Snow, Battlefield debris, large quantity of Rocks, Cobblestone, Wooden Planks, Forest elements etc. 


This includes any type of bases that you can purchase online, be it base toppers, full resin bases etc. You can either include these with your miniatures, order them to my shipping adres or ask me to order them in your stead. In most cases painting and assembly of purchased bases is included in the appropriate services and does not generate additional cost. In some corner cases I might charge extra for painting and assembly, of which I will inform you in advance.
I have a lot of experience with different companies that produce bases. If you consider ready bases I recommend these brands:
Micro Art Studio
Gamers Grass
Zen Terrain

You name it, I will find a way to deliver!