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Mordheim Scourge of Witches

Mordheim Scourge of Witches

This is a Witch Hunters Mordheim Warband. ‘Scourge of Withces’ is one of two of my favorite Mordheim Warbands. A lot of love poured into these miniatures up from the start including conversions, modelling, paint job and then gaming, more gaiming and even more gaiming. All the characters are named and could tell you a story of their own adventures if only they could speak…

Scourge of Witches

Witch Hunter Captain – Melkior Brimmer

Priest of Sigmar – Balthazar

Witch Hunter – Kornelius

Witch Hunter – Gaspar

Witch Hunter – Duke Tredd and Pako ‘the Zaelot monkey’

Heroes back



Ogre Bodyguardess

Some WIP pics & Conversions

WH wip 1

WH wip 2

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Steven DonnerPosted on6:20 am - Jan 6, 2021

Hey I love your modelling work here. I was curious what some of the original model sources were. Specifically the Captain, Priest and Kornelius. Thanks!

ScarhandpaintingPosted on9:19 pm - Jan 7, 2021

Hey Steven, thanks! Captain is “Inquisitor Lord Torquemada” from Warhammer 40,000, Priest is old “Priest of Sigmar” Warhammer Fantasy Battles – not much changed really, Kornelius is a “Empire Witch Hunter” from Warhammer Fantasy Battles. All miniatures of Games Workshop from before Age of Sigmar. Hope it helps.

Steven DonnerPosted on2:34 am - Mar 26, 2021

Hey thanks so much for replying! Didn’t see that you had until now. I’m also curious about Gaspar and Duke! Finding suitably characterful Witch Hunter models to match the spirit and flavor of the original Mordheim models is tough and your conversions are some of my absolute favorites I’ve seen to take inspiration from for my future efforts. Also curious about where you sourced the hats from for the models that didn’t already have them.

Thanks again!

ScarhandpaintingPosted on7:45 am - Mar 26, 2021

Hey man, my pleasure! Glad you like the miniatures.
Gaspar is a Pirest of Sigmar (hammer & Shield) with hands swap from plastic crossbowmen.
Duke is an Empire Master Engineer.
As for the hats – I made them myself! https://scarhandpainting.com/tutorial-modelling-witch-hunters-hat

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