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Second ‘Special Project’ in 2015! It was emerging between my thoughts once in a while for some time before I was finally motivated to work on it. The crucial point for me was to accidentally bump into an online Painting Contest at Data-Sphere forum. I already had the concept and materials to make this piece so an opportunity for a nice competition was the final push I needed.

This time I choose a Nomad miniature as a centerpiece of the Diorama. It is my favorite faction in Infinity the Game. You can read more about this project’s creation and see some Work in Progress pictures in “NOMAD SOUL” SPECIAL PROJECT post. I hope you like it.

Nomad Soul 1 b

Nomad Soul 2 b

Nomad Soul 3 b

Nomad Soul 4 b

Nomad Soul 5 b

Nomad Soul 6 b

Nomad Soul 7 b

Nomad Soul 8 b

Nomad Sould blue 1

Nomad Sould blue 2

Nomad Sould blue 3

Nomad Sould blue 4

Nomad Sould blue 5

Nomad Sould creme 1

Nomad Sould creme 2

Nomad Sould night 2

Nomad Sould night

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