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Infinity Combined Army

Infinity Combined Army

Infinity the Game Combined Army painted lvl 3 “Fast & Furious”.

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AedvynPosted on10:59 am - Apr 27, 2022

I own the beautiful army presented in the images above. The models look even better live, especially on the battlefield – they are menacing, as befits a faction of alien invaders from outer space 🙂

Contact with Maciej was excellent, I knew what was going on at every stage of the project. He was able to advise on the color scheme, and the desert bases he came up with were a much welcomed finishing touch. The last aspect that I appreciated was the professional packaging and goodies, which shows what you’re paying for – a service of the highest quality.

Overall, the models look great and the customer experience was superb – I am in the process of requesting two more commissions myself, which is probably the best possible recommendation. Thanks again!

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