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Mordheim Dead Can Dance

Mordheim Dead Can Dance

The Undead was the firs Mordheim Warband I started gaming with. For years I gamed using both the original miniatures from the Warband pack and some conversions. At some point I wanted to repaint my first Warband and removed the paint job. That was a major mistake as from then on I wasn’t able to paint my Warband in a way that would ever satisfy me. After couple of unscuccessful attempts in re-painting my Undead Warband I sold the miniatures, bought new ones, converted, tried to paint them, sold again etc. That state of being lasted till the late 2011th when I got back to Mordheim once again. This time I was armed with a range of new skills, techniques and even some awesome, new miniatures to base my conversions upon. The “Dead Can Dance” Warband was created back then and the project closed in 2013. I am satisfied with it up to this day. Hope that you too will find it to your liking…

Dead Can Dance

VC warband

Vampire – Count Nozdro Kazirot

VC vampire

Necromancer – Zladov


Dreg – Hunch

vc DREG 2

Dreg – Hump

VC dreg 3

Dreg – Dope

vc DREG 1


VC ghouls


VC zombies

Dire Wolves

VC dwol


VC witch

Ogre Bodyguard

VC ogre

Imperial Assassin & Warlock

VC ass n warl

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