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Mordheim Captain Blackboar and the Boar-Ding Party

Mordheim Captain Blackboar and the Boar-Ding Party

Gaming Mordheim is more a state of mind than an actual Miniature Wargaming. In my early days I used to share this experience with most of my close friends along with my beloved sibling. My sister used to Dwarf her way inside the close confines of Mordheim ruins with ferocity rarely seen in male Mordheim players. To honour all these years spent at gaming together I decided to build a proper Dwarf Treasure Hunters Warband. Who knows – maybe she’ll come by to game with me once more one day…

A choice of miniatures for this Warband is not random. The whole warband was to resemble a Pirate crew with a pinch of 5th edition Warhammer Dwarves. I especially like 5th edition Thunderers and Slayer so these were an easy choice. Captain was also ‘best in slot’ as there is not a miniature better suited for the role than Long Drong. The rest of the miniatures are just a good pick except for Fish-Dwarves which I owe to my buddy Wojciech Radłowski. One day he just made these two for me to compliment my grand project. And there’s the boar of course. My sis used to play one as a purchased hound for as long as I can remember. ‘Bucu’ belongs to the crew so it has to be here.

Captain Blackboar and his Boar-Ding Party

DTH warband

Dwarf Noble – Captain Blackboar

DTH captain

Engineer – Bosun Deadshot

DTH engineer

Troll Slayer -Anchorfish

DTH slayer 1

Troll Slayer -Squidwheel

DTH slayer 2

Heroes back

DTH heroes back

Dwarf Clansmen – Hsif & Krahs

DTH fishers

Dwarf Beardlings

DTH beardlings

Dwarf Thunderers

DTH thunderers

Hound: Bucu, the Cannon Fodder Boarding Boar

DTH board bucu

Some WIP pics & Conversions




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