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Necromunda Boomhouse

Necromunda Boomhouse

This is BOOMHOUSE – my private Necromunda Gang! Beware as these ruthless killers have slayed lots of Underhive scum. After a bloody campaign Boomhouse Gang rested in a specially designed foam tray untill I’ve figured to take new pictures of them. Some of you may have seen particular gang members before at CMON, but this time there’s a whole gang!

Nec 0

All gangers except Blefusek the Radioactive Dog (Sculped in Greenstuff) are conversions based on Space Marines Scouts with mohawks made of Greenstuff and some Ork bitz. Even two girl members have Scout bodyarmour, but this time I used Dark Elf Corsairs legs and Daemonettes of Slaanesh heads 🙂 Not much of a choice back in 2012 🙂


Crash, bolter & chainsword

Blefusek the Radioactive Dog

Big Boy, stubber
Dredd, autocannon
X-ray, lascannon
Techno, flamer
Mortar, grenade launcher
Noise-Visor, plasma gun

Grandpa, boldy shotgun
Boris, shotgun
Hero, mustache, two pistols and a machete
Apok, two pistols
Berserk, machete and pipe
Boomer, bolter and grenade
Clip, reloading bolter
Vacuum, improoved shotgun and gas mask
Chainsaw, chainsaw chick
Smiley, lasgun behind a wall
Cyclops, lasgun with a strip
Tank Jr., nails instead of mohawk and a big mace
Stimpack, medic, pistol and medkit
Ironhide, shield maiden

Joungster, binoculars, pistol
Middler, machete and pistol
Skull, bold combat knife and pistol

Guns for hire:
Mole Hunter, ratskin scout with spear
Brainwash, wyrs with sceleton staff
Captain Ahab, harpoon mercenary

Here’s where Boomhouse is used to fight:

Nec 9
A usual skirmish against infamous ‘Talpa Necromundi’ gang of mutated moles.

Nec 10

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