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Review: Grenzer Games 15mm Imperial Romans

Review: Grenzer Games 15mm Imperial Romans

Grenzer Games – a small, UK based games development company, specializing in miniature wargames. Thanks to their generosity I was able to lay my hands on a batch of recently released 15mm Imperial Romans. I took these on a spin from bubble envelope to battle ready and now I will share my impressions with you.

Visual & Quality Impressions:

Right off the bat the miniatures look amazing. With rich, crisp detail these are nothing close to what I have ever seen in such scale. Furthermore the miniatures are well proportioned. Great quality overall.

… and I know, I know. I too am sentimental towards hand sculpted metal miniatures, but just look at that detail! Such visual coherency of scale! Insane!

Functionality Impressions:

15mm Imperial Romans come in two versions: As a downloadable pre supported STL files, or 3d printed miniatures. I received a pack of eight printed miniatures. Mounted on print supports they were able to withstand shipping from United Kingdom in a bubble envelope without any damage and with no bent elements. Cutting off the supports was very easy and even though 3d printed miniatures took a soapy bath before painting, the process was nothing close to a pain of removing flash and mold lines, so common amongst metal counterparts. Full preparation took less than 15 minutes, which compared to working with metal is near to nothing. 

Material itself is smooth and easy to work with. Miniatures are a bit elastic and seem durable and forgiving. I tested one “Pilum” to the limit, breaking it in half as a result. It was easy to repair, even though I broke it six times in different places throughout the process. Similar treatment would see a metal counterpart require replacement, whereas 3d print can be glued back to your heart’s content. 

Finally painting over this material went smooth and without any issues. Joy to work with.


At a price of 3,75GBP for a Legionary pack containing 8 miniatures and 2,35GBP for a Command Pack containing 5 miniatures, Grenzer Games product is priced on par with metal counterparts from other suppliers. Considering how detailed and easy to work with these miniatures are I would say they’re a steal!


Grenzer Games did a fantastic job providing well proportioned, top quality miniatures with fantastic detail. Very easy to work with, joy to paint. To top it all off 15mm Imperial Romans come reasonably priced! I fully recommend this product and will definitely keep an eye out for updates of the entire range.

Stay tuned for an upcoming step-by-step tutorial on painting 15mm Imperial Romans and in the meantime I invite you to follow Grenzer Games on Facebook and definitely visit their online store to see more products.


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Desert Island DesignsPosted on  12:28 pm - Mar 5, 2021

Nice review – I am the sculptor and here is my business FB page if anyone needs more figures 🙂 facebook.com/DesertIslandDesigns

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