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Review: Games Workshop Corax White Spray

Review: Games Workshop Corax White Spray

Not so long ago I was in the middle of painting gaming terrain for my Infinity Gaming Table. I used GW’s Skull White undercoat as this is the base colour for all the terrain. As you can imagine my stockpile of White was depleted pretty fast. In search of Skull White Spray I visited couple Online Stores, but everywhere I checked – Corax White was the only available ‘White’ undercoat. So I made my mind and ordered three cans. I received the package two days later – started undercoating right away… and was shocked with what I saw to a point where I just had to review Corax White.

review corax white 1


The first thing that I observed was the way in which Corax White covered the surface. It worked almost as good as Chaos Black Spray – producing a smooth and strong colour. This, in my opinion, makes Corax White a very user-friendly spray. Skull White in comparison is very difficult to use, producing a layer that is a bit translucent and tends to run more like ‘hold fire button and forget’. I’m sure that Corax White will be great for some colour schemes, including Yellow, Orange, Pink, light Grey and a lot of others. It may even be good for White colour scheme – but here’s the surprise: Corax White is not ‘White’! It’s more like GW’s ‘Astronomican Grey’, or Vallejo ‘Pale Grey Blue’. Just take a look at the pictures:

review corax white 3

review corax white 4

You probably wornder ‘what the hell GW?’ right now. I was taken aback with this effect – more so, because I ordered three cans of that, so called, ‘White’ spray thus ending up with three cans of spray that is everything but White 🙂

Some more pictures – this time with Vallejo ‘Dead White’ applied to both caps:

review corax white 6

review corax white 5

At some angles Skull White is 1:1 match for the Dead White, while Corax not-White is something totally else.


So my final opinion about Corax White is as follows:

Games Workshop’s Corax White is a big step forward when it comes to coverage and way of applying the spray. It is very user friendly and may be used to achieve great results. Still removing Skull White from the offer while introducing Corax White was an unfair move – because Corax White IS NOT WHITE AT ALL.

Be aware before you happen to purchase!

For all those of you who happened to paint an entire army/project using Skull White and run out of stock in the process – I strongly recommend a purchase of Army Painter’s White Primer instead. It is a bit stronger than GW and the layer it produces is also less grainy – but atleast it’s WHITE!


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Keith McNeillPosted on  4:55 pm - Jan 9, 2017

My thoughts exactly. Taken aback at how grey it was, as I was doing a snow scene and needed white snow. When I queried the staff as to how white this new paint was compared to Skull White I was assured it was most definitely white – so even they are not aware! If it is designed to be an undercoat then Skull White should have remained available. By superceding SW with this, of course people will think it will be white. I agreee it does have good coverage and it produces nice results but it is NOT white.

LachlanPosted on  5:00 am - Jul 2, 2018

I’m so glad I found this before base coating my army….I noticed this as well when watching a tutorial recently and so confused (when did the guy paint the grey on?) Whenever I get asked this I’m just going to forward them to this article.

SpaceHippy1975Posted on  11:08 pm - Oct 25, 2018

Bloody Hell!

I thought I was going mad! Glad to see that I’m not the only one that has noticed that we’re getting grey that is supposed to be “White”.

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