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May 2016

May 2016


I just love painting. For me the most exciting moment of each commission is the one, just before the end. All hard work is already in the past, everything went well and each stroke of a brush brings the miniature closer to the finish line. Unfortunatelly all things must come to an end with no exception to this particular moment. It is always short and soon after it’s gone. I must say good bye to the fruits of my labour, as these are being sent to the customers.  Finishing the Epic 40,000 Titan Legions commission was inevitable, yet it pains my heart to part with it. I had so much great time with the Titans – I will truly miss them.

Other than that, May was a month of Infinity (Yup – once again) while I was given the opportunity to paint a variety of Infinity miniatures at different painting levels. These varried between lvl 3 to lvl 5 and let me experiment a lot. Along with I AM NOMAD giveway campaign I’ve painted a small Nomad commission, along with another bunch of ALEPH miniatures.

“THE COLONY” Special Project was also finished, further amplifying the feel of parting ways. I should really find a way to fill that hole in my heart as otherwise I might feel a bit lonely.

Last but not least a small contingent of Imperial Fists, Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines, stormed my desk and was turned to a bright yellow. Long time no see with Space Marines so it turned out to be a nice change of enviroment for me 🙂

Epic 40,000 TITAN LEGIONS – View gallery…

Titan Legions Complete 6


Infinity CORREGIDOR – View gallery…

Corregidor Bandit KHD 3

Infinity MISCAELLOUS – View gallery…


Nomad Iguana lvl 1

Nomad Intruder 3

Infinity ALEPH – View gallery…

X ALEPH Hector 7S

ALEPH Rebots 3

Warhammer 40,000 Imperial Fists – View gallery…

Imperial Fists Darnath Lysander 2

Imperial Fists Hunter Stalker 2

Imperial Fists Stormtalon 1

“The Colony” Special Project – View gallery…


THE COLONY close 10

June I’m comming for you!


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