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March 2016

March 2016

Mies mar 2016

March went so fast! I could really use some more painting time. It started with last month’s WiPs being finished – so a complete collection of Infinity Aleph miniatures was finally done and picked up by the customer. Sweet stuff – especially Ajax and Achilleses which all ended up being painted lvl 5. (More fine miniatures for that army are under way and will fall into the cauldron of paint in the months to come.) Painting so much Infinity I was able to sneak-paint my own Nomad miniature inbetween the Aleph ones. Senor Massacre joined my private collection – which saw a lot of combat this past few weeks. “Operation Flamestrike” begun and swallowed up more than a week of my usual painting time, with “The Colony” Special Project doing the same. That and Easter themed familly meeting literally cut March in two for me. Still I was able to write some articles and paint few Epic 40,000 miniatures (in some cases – ‘start painting’ is more accurate).

Let’s take a look at what I’ve managed to paint…

Infinity ALEPH – View gallery…

Aleph 1

Ajax 2

Infinity CORREGIDOR – View gallery…

senor massacre 0

Epic 40,000 TITAN lvl 4

Epic Warhound 5

Epic 40,000 Work in Progress TITAN LEGIONS

Epic Imperator and Warmonger

Epic Imperator and Warmonger 3

“The Colony” Special Project – View article…

ao kebab

ao Consoles

ao Planters

ao Sculptures

ao Walls

April… come and face me!


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