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June 2016

June 2016


June was a month of both ‘good byes’ and ‘fresh starts’. Last month I’ve parted with Epic 40,000 Titan Legions commission and now a time had come to part ways with Infinity ALEPH. I had a blast with ALEPH miniatures, but none can compare to the crown jewel, being Penthesilea the Amazon Biker. This one summed the entire commission pretty well. Will I see some more ALEPH in the future? Certainly so, but not in previous quantities, as this collection is almost complete by now.

Luckily, as old stars fade and leave the stage – new stars emerge to take their place. Epic 40,000 ORK CLANS just got some huge reinforcements. I wander if I should rename this one “Waaagh!”? It is still in progress now and due to a long shedule and another huge commission appearance, will be postponed till August.

So this month was bussy like none other still I took a couple of days off to pursue my own projects. With Infinity Championships of Poland in sight I had to expand my private collection of Infinity Corregidor. I also prepared a special “GO GO NOMADS” DIORAMA DISPLAY to be my entry in a painting contest, accompanying the championships. My entry actually won of which I’m very proud. Many hours of almost constant labour were totally worth it!

As for upcomming projects – expect some Warhammer 40,000 TAU appearing next month. Right now they are being prepared for paint job!

Infinity ALEPH – View gallery…

Aleph Proxy 11

“PENTHESILEA” Special Project – View gallery…

Penthesilea 11

Infinity CORREGIDOR – View gallery…

Mercy 1

Alguacil Hacker 21

“GO GO NOMADS” DIORAMA DISPLAY Special Project – View galerry…

Corregidor GO GO NOMADS Force on a Diorama Display

Epic 40,000 ORK CLANS – View gallery…

Ork Waaaagh Epic 40k WIP 1

Ork Waaaagh Epic 40k WIP 2

Warhammer 40,000 TAU WIP


July – you better be ready for me!





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