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Warhammer Vampire Counts

Warhammer Vampire Counts

Huge Vampire Counts collection. This heavily converted army contains every entry from Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8ht edition: Vampire Counts Armybook. I loved this army and wish that I had a better setup and camera to take proper pictures before it went oversee (sold via E-bay).



H all vc

VC S Black Knights

VC S Black Knights 2

VC R Vargheist

VC R Vargheist 2

VC gratisy

VC C skeleton warriors 20

S Wargheists

S Spirit Hosts 1

S Hex Wrights

S Grave Guards 2

S Grave Guards 1

S Fell Bats

S Fell Bats 2

S Crypt Horrors 1

S Black Knights

S Black Knights 4

S Black Knights 3

S Black Knights 2

S Bat Swarms

S Bat Swarms 2

R Wraiths

R Wraiths 2

R Mortis Engine 3

R Mortis Engine 2

R Mortis Engine 1

R Coven Throne

R Coven Throne 3

R Coven Throne 2

R Blood Knights 1

R Black Coach

H Nightmare

H Nightmare 3

H Nightmare 2

H Dragon 2

H Dragon 1

C Zombie 13

C Zombie 11

C Zombie 9

C Zombie 8

C Zombie 7

C Zombie 6

C Zombie 5

C Zombie 4

C Zombie 3

C Zombie 2

C Zombie 1

C Skeleton Warriors big 3

C Skeleton Warriors big 2

C Skeleton Warriors big 1

C Ghouls 6

C Ghouls 5

C Ghouls 4

C Ghouls 3

C Ghouls 2

C Ghouls 1

C Dire Wolves

C Corpse Cart

H Mannfred

H Izabela bsb

H druga fala 1

H astorath

H all vc 2

– Vlad Von Carstein (Converted from original, finecast+plastic)
– Count Mannfred (Converted from original, finecast+plastic)
– Heinrich Kemmler/Necromancer (Plastic count-as conversion)
– Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (Converted, finecast+plastic) FOOT AND MOUNTED magnet version!
– Master Necromancer/Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror (Converted, plastic)
– Strigoi Ghoulking/Vampire (Converted, plastic ‘winged one’)
– Mannfred the Acolyte/Vampire (Plastic Count-as conversion)
– Krell, Lord of Undeath/Wight King (Krell Miniature)
– Konrad Von Carstein/Vampire (Converted from original, finecast+plastic)
– Isabella Von Carstein,
– Necromancer,
– Vampire BsB (Forge World original)
– Vampire BsB mounted (Plastic conversion)
– Vampire (Plastic conversion)
– Vampire (Finecast conversion)
– Tomb Banshee (Plastic conversion)
– 2x Cairn Wraight (Plastic conversion)
– Coven Throne

– 200x Zombies (Base amount of total 200 zombies, with many converted special featrures like bige fillers, siege mashines and humoristic stuff ‘human centipede’ for example. Cementary theme) + 3 (3×5/10 bases) Movement trays
– 50x Skeleton Warriors (Base amount of total 50 Skeletons. Converted, cementary theme) + Movement tray
– 50x Crypt Ghouls (Base amount of total 50 Ghouls. Converted, cementary theme) + Movement tray
– 10x Dire Wolves + Movement tray

– 2x Corpse Carts (Converted)
– 50 Grave Guards (Base amount of total 50 Guards. Converted, cementary theme) + Movement tray
– 20 Black Knights (Base amount of total 20 Knights, Converted, cementary theme) + Movement tray
– 6 Crypt Horrors (Converted, charge theme) + Movement tray
– 10 Fell Bats (Converted from other sets) + Movement tray
– 3 Bat Swarms/Spirit Hosts (Converted from other sets, ‘screeming skulls vs bowmen’) + Movement tray
– 6 Spirit Hosts (Converted from other sets) + Movement tray
– 5 Hexwrights (Converted) + Movement tray
– 3 Vargheists + Movement tray

– Varghulf (Converted)
– 10 Blood Knights (Converted from other sets)
– 5 Cairn Wraiths & Tomb Banshee (Converted from other sets)
– Black Coach (Converted from other set)
– Terrorgheist (Converted, magnet wings for easier transportation)
– Mortis Engine


3 comments so far

Jacob MoffattPosted on6:01 pm - May 25, 2023

I love the winged skeleton banners. How did you achieve that?

ScarhandpaintingPosted on7:27 pm - May 25, 2023

It’s from an old “Imperial General” kit.

Florian RomanPosted on3:56 pm - Nov 14, 2023

Awesome undead army. Especially the ghouls. I am not a big fan of the ghoul models (because i like the old metal ones better), but the way you converted the base really brings them to live. All the effort you put into this army was worth it, because the total picture is amazing!

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