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Huge Vampire Counts collection painted lvl 2 to lvl 4. This heavily converted army contains every entry from Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8ht edition: Vampire Counts Armybook. I loved this army and wish that I had a better setup and camera to take proper pictures before it went oversee (sold via E-bay).



H all vc

VC S Black Knights

VC S Black Knights 2

VC R Vargheist

VC R Vargheist 2

VC gratisy

VC C skeleton warriors 20

S Wargheists

S Spirit Hosts 1

S Hex Wrights

S Grave Guards 2

S Grave Guards 1

S Fell Bats

S Fell Bats 2

S Crypt Horrors 1

S Black Knights

S Black Knights 4

S Black Knights 3

S Black Knights 2

S Bat Swarms

S Bat Swarms 2

R Wraiths

R Wraiths 2

R Mortis Engine 3

R Mortis Engine 2

R Mortis Engine 1

R Coven Throne

R Coven Throne 3

R Coven Throne 2

R Blood Knights 1

R Black Coach

H Nightmare

H Nightmare 3

H Nightmare 2

H Dragon 2

H Dragon 1

C Zombie 13

C Zombie 11

C Zombie 9

C Zombie 8

C Zombie 7

C Zombie 6

C Zombie 5

C Zombie 4

C Zombie 3

C Zombie 2

C Zombie 1

C Skeleton Warriors big 3

C Skeleton Warriors big 2

C Skeleton Warriors big 1

C Ghouls 6

C Ghouls 5

C Ghouls 4

C Ghouls 3

C Ghouls 2

C Ghouls 1

C Dire Wolves

C Corpse Cart

H Mannfred

H Izabela bsb

H druga fala 1

H astorath

H all vc 2

– Vlad Von Carstein (Converted from original, finecast+plastic)
– Count Mannfred (Converted from original, finecast+plastic)
– Heinrich Kemmler/Necromancer (Plastic count-as conversion)
– Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (Converted, finecast+plastic) FOOT AND MOUNTED magnet version!
– Master Necromancer/Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror (Converted, plastic)
– Strigoi Ghoulking/Vampire (Converted, plastic ‘winged one’)
– Mannfred the Acolyte/Vampire (Plastic Count-as conversion)
– Krell, Lord of Undeath/Wight King (Krell Miniature)
– Konrad Von Carstein/Vampire (Converted from original, finecast+plastic)
– Isabella Von Carstein,
– Necromancer,
– Vampire BsB (Forge World original)
– Vampire BsB mounted (Plastic conversion)
– Vampire (Plastic conversion)
– Vampire (Finecast conversion)
– Tomb Banshee (Plastic conversion)
– 2x Cairn Wraight (Plastic conversion)
– Coven Throne

– 200x Zombies (Base amount of total 200 zombies, with many converted special featrures like bige fillers, siege mashines and humoristic stuff ‘human centipede’ for example. Cementary theme) + 3 (3×5/10 bases) Movement trays
– 50x Skeleton Warriors (Base amount of total 50 Skeletons. Converted, cementary theme) + Movement tray
– 50x Crypt Ghouls (Base amount of total 50 Ghouls. Converted, cementary theme) + Movement tray
– 10x Dire Wolves + Movement tray

– 2x Corpse Carts (Converted)
– 50 Grave Guards (Base amount of total 50 Guards. Converted, cementary theme) + Movement tray
– 20 Black Knights (Base amount of total 20 Knights, Converted, cementary theme) + Movement tray
– 6 Crypt Horrors (Converted, charge theme) + Movement tray
– 10 Fell Bats (Converted from other sets) + Movement tray
– 3 Bat Swarms/Spirit Hosts (Converted from other sets, ‘screeming skulls vs bowmen’) + Movement tray
– 6 Spirit Hosts (Converted from other sets) + Movement tray
– 5 Hexwrights (Converted) + Movement tray
– 3 Vargheists + Movement tray

– Varghulf (Converted)
– 10 Blood Knights (Converted from other sets)
– 5 Cairn Wraiths & Tomb Banshee (Converted from other sets)
– Black Coach (Converted from other set)
– Terrorgheist (Converted, magnet wings for easier transportation)
– Mortis Engine