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Infinity Operation Ice Storm

Infinity Operation Ice Storm

Operation: Icestorm and Beyond Icestorm sets from Infinity the Game, plus Panoceania Jotums TAG. Miniatures painted 5 ‘Witness Me!’ with core troops painted lvl 3 ‘Fast & Furious’.

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LaurentPosted on1:14 pm - May 27, 2020

I’m the lucky owner of this commission to Scarhand/Maciej!
All I can tell is that it was not my first commission painting from him (first one was last year: Operation Redveil+Beyond Redveil+Aristeia Collector’s Edition), and it won’t certainly be the last 🙂

What I like about his commission painting:
– First and foremost: I looooove his style, just perfect for Infinity or anything related to Corvus Belli minis. I did my due diligence, and Maciej is blowing the competitors away in terms of painting style/talent (and I looked at commission painted in US/UK/FR/PL/etc !)
– Second: communication is smooth and constant with Maciej, at each step until I received the finished minis
– Third: Maciej is not only a commission painter but also passionate about board gaming, so he always has good pieces of advice on how the color schemes should be chosen or anything related to the minis. Plus he is listening to personal tastes to create unique minis.
– Third: wrapping is so well done that I don’t think anything could happen to the painted minis in case of Earthquake or Tsunami during shipping.

What I dislike about his commission painting:
– The painted minis are so gorgeous that I had to buy an exhibition closet specifically to exhibit such nice pieces of art, and I’m sometimes reluctant to play with them in case I drop one of them…

Conclusion: just forget about the others and ask him for your commission painting, you won’t be disappointed, from beginning to end!

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