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Infinity Yu-Jing

Infinity Yu-Jing

An Infinity Yu-Jing collection painted lvl 5 ‘Witness Me!’.

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Drew WilliamsPosted on11:00 am - Jul 4, 2019

First, the models look fantastic. 2nd, how do you include nomad Hollow men in a yu jing list? Are they proxies for something?

NazrothPosted on2:21 pm - Jul 4, 2019

Hey Drew,
Glad you like these. Your hunch is correct – these are meant as proxies. Once I run out of Yu-Jing minis while still being plagued by Yu-Jing colour scheme fever I grabbed the set. Still don’t know what these will proxy as, maybe standard HI for Invincibles. Will see once I’m done with IA starter and some additional minis – Hollow Men will simply fill the gaps. They fit into Yu-Jing style pretty nice. I’m sure they won’t gather dust in the closet 🙂

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