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February 2016

February 2016


I used to do a quick summary of each month at my old blog. Don’t see a reason to stop now, when new site is online. The assumption is to allow a quick access to my latest gallery entries to anyone interested.

I can’t start to describe February before taking a step back and saying something about January first. January was an insanely good month. A lot of things happened and I clashed with a bunch of awesome projects. For those of you willing to take a peek HERE’S THE LINK to January’s summary. So, after such a majestic month I was wandering if the rest of the year would be as much exciting. As it turned out February outclassed January in each and every way. I was able to continue my favorite project of late – Epic 40,000 Titan Legions with an amazingly detailed True Scale Warlord Titan. Epic 40,000 Orks were somehow pushed in to the background but they will be back and with a great, loud comeback. Warhammer 40,000 Solar Auxilia project was also reinforced with two new units, drastically increasing the quantity of miniatures involved. I even managed to spend some time with my own miniatures, expanding my ever growing Infinity Corregidor collection. At some point during the month I was struck by the surge of inspiration, throwing everything away and letting myself be occupied by a Special Project: “Ave Dominus Nox” for two days in a row. To convert and paint a miniature just for the sake of feeding a Muse was a very pleasant experience. Still that’s not all as when February was closing to an end a delayed commission finally got to me. Infinity Aleph collection, a second part of an army that I painted almost half a year ago. I did my best to finish at least one Aleph miniature before the time run out, but for the sake of this project I didn’t want to rush things. The quality of paintjob was my priority after all.

All of that was pretty exciting but the biggest surprise of February is actually THIS SITE! If someone asked me if I will publish a professional site a month ago, I would die laughting – then – just like that – I’ve  purchased a domain, rented a server, copied some old content, created a lot of new one. Taming the Theme was the most difficult issue, still I’ve managed. And here I am – writing on my own site, free of blogspot.com, with a lot of new functionality at my disposal. All thanks to a random small talk with one of my friends who suggested that I should go pro with my website. I still barely believe it 🙂

Enought sentimental bullsh… Some pics and links 🙂

Epic 40,000 TITAN LEGIONS – View gallery…

Warlord x

Epic 40,000 Work in Progress ORKS

(Yellow one is not my doing, only for size comparison)

epic goff rockers 1

Warhammer 40,000 SOLAR AUXILIA – View gallery…

Solar Auxilia 4

Solar Auxilia 6

Infinity CORREGIDOR – View gallery…

Nomad McMurrough 4

Nomad Moran 3

Nomad Jaguars 1

Special Project: “AVE DOMINUS NOX” – View gallery…

Chaos Night Lord Rhino 25

Infinity Work in Progress ALEPH


Aleph 4

Aleph 7

Aleph 8

I look forward to March…


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