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Here is the painting guide for my Infinity Concrete bases.

Each painter has his own ways to paint metal and any gadgets that would be put on a base so i will only describe how to obtain browny-rusty-edged effect of the main body of the base.


* Games Workshop Large/Medium Drybrush
* Basecoat Brush,
* GW Adeptus Battlegray (foundation),
* GW Devlan Mud (wash) / Army Painter Sttrong Tone (ink), do not use GW Agrax Earthshade – it sucks!
* GW Scorched Brown,
* GW Calthan Brown (foundation),
* GW Ryza Rust (dry),
* GW Lugganath Orange (edge),
* GW Flayed One flesh (edge),

1  I assume that the base was undercoated with black colour. Apply Adeptus Battlegray using Basecoat Brush. Do it twice if necessary so that grey layer covers black undercoat completely.


2  Use wash brush, or any soft hairs brush to paint whole base with Devlan Mud (or AP's Strong Tone). Once again i will recommend to do it a second time once the first layer is dry. More stains and blobs of paint - the better.


3  Apply Scorched Brown onto most accessible spaces using Large Dry Brush. Do it with stippling technique (brush is held upright and pressed mutliple times onto the base at 90* angle).


4  Apply Calthan Brown using the same brush and technique but try to cover less space than before so that you will be able to see some Scorched Brown stains through Calthan Brown layer.


5  Now it's time for Ryza Rust, once more same brush, technique and try to cover less space, but this time you may cross the border of Scroched Brown - it won't do much harm.


6  And yet again: same brush, technique and try to cover less space but this time use Lugganath Orange. Be aware as this colour has less pigment than Calthan Brown or Ryza Rust. I'll recommend that you dry your brush with paint on it before stippling.


7  This is the last layech of stippling: use Large Dry Brush and the stippling technique to apply Flayed One Flesh. After that just highlight some edges with Flayed One Flesh and the work is done.

Nomad Moran 1

The bases i used for this painting guide are just some flat bitz of plasticard so the effect is not the same with bases of my Miniatures. You will see the difference when painting pre-modelled bases with lots of bitz, uneven surface and rants painted black which will bring some contrast to the colour scheme in the end. Hope you find this tutorial helpful and interesting.

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