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August 2016

August 2016


August – time to relax and tan in the sun 🙂 For me it was also a time to close Warhammer 40,000 Tau commission along with Epic 40,000 Ork Clans! After closing up both of these I’ve spent some time preparing a template for Corregidor Bases, then sent them straight to Micro Art Studio to be mass produced! That’s not all as throughout the month many test commissions came in, including Infinity ALEPH, Infinity USAriadna, AVP Predators and some Dragonlance miniatures. I’ve spent some time with them and even managed to paint a final piece for the ‘I AM NOMAD’ promo campaign. All of this in just one month XD

Warhammer 40,00 TAU EMPIRE – View gallery…

TAU Third Wave big

TAU Hammerhead 4

Epic 40,000 ORK CLANS – View gallery…

Ork Clans all

Ork Clans Evil Sunz Mekboy Gargant & Tinbots 2

Infinity MISCAELLOUS – View gallery…

Nomads Bakunin Reverend Healer 11

Infinity ALEPH – comming soon…

ALEPH Asura dark 1

ALEPH Asura 5

ALEPH Asura 4

Infinity USAriadna – View gallery…

Ariadna grunts foxtrot van zant desk

Ariadna roger van zant 1

Aliens vs Predator – View gallery…

AVP Predators z3

Dragonlcance – test commission…

Dragonlance miniatures 1

Dragonlance miniatures 2

Corregidor Bases – Work in Progress…

Corregidor bases wip 4







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