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April 2016

April 2016


What a month!? April almost overwhelmed me with many different challenges. It started just like every month should – with Epic 40,000 Titans. Two God Mashines, that I started, but wasn’t able to finish in March. Maybe that’s for the better as I wasn’t going tu rush such a commission. Next came some really ‘random stuff’, including Vampire Countess with a battle standard, painted for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. [It turned out that Warhammer still lives in the community, 9th edition was ‘released’ and people still game it. Either way I sold my Vampire Counts army just before the end of the month. It was gathering dust at the bottom of a wardrobe – such waste, that I just had to make someone happy with it.] There were two miniatures from Waste Knights board game [Miniatures produced by Prodos Games], some ‘fast’ Talisman Adventurers, first miniature painted for I AM NOMAD giveaway campaign, and even some of my own Corregidor Nomads as well. Then I was forced to take couple of days off and go relax by the sea. Last week was all about more Titans, started just before my short vacation and finished before the month ended. [I have two more left, so that May will start, just like every month should :P… ]. Somewhere inbetween all of that I got back to “THE COLONY” Special Project, so be sure to check it out 🙂

Epic 40,000 TITAN LEGIONS – View gallery…

Epic Titan Imperator 6

Epic Titan Warmonger 1

Reavers 6

Epic Warhounds all 1

WASTE KNIGHTS – View gallery…

Naomi 3

Heugh 1

Infinity CORREGIDOR – View gallery…

Nomad Specops 2

Nomad Bandit 2

Nomad Rems

Epic 40,000 ORK CLANS – View gallery…

Epic Ork Rockwagon 2

Warhammer VAMPIRE COUNTESS lvl 5

Vamp B1

Vamp B5



“The Colony” Special Project – View gallery…

Barrelt new 2

Cocomo 2

I’m ready for May!


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