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Monthly Archive November 2020

Colour Recipes: The Drowned Earth Artifacters

Here are some Colour Recipes for Artifacters from Gallery: The Drowned Earth Artifacters. Please take note that this is a simple colour scheme, not covering multiple overlapping layers and blends in between, that lead to the final product. It is supposed to be used as guideline not a step-by-step.

GREEN OLIVE clothes:

White preshade, *

Interior Green (Val), *

Mix Interior Green (Val) 2:1 Duck Egg Green (Val),*

Mix Interior Green (Val) 1:1 Duck Egg Green (Val),*

Mix Heavy Khaki (Val), 1:1 Pale Wych Flesh (GW), flbr

Strong Tone Ink (AP),

Heavy Khaki (Val), bl

Mix Heavy Khaki (Val), 1:1 Pale Wych Flesh (GW), l&p

Off White (Val), p

PURPLE clothes:

Green Olive clothes base (up to Strong Tone),

Hexen Lichen (Val a), blend

Genestealer Purple (GW),  l&p

Dechala Lilac (GW), l&p

Off White (Val), p

CREEME clothes:

Bonewhite (Val a), 

Mix Bonewhite (Val) 1:1 Pale Wych Flesh (GW), flbr

Pale Wych Flesh (GW), l&p

Strong Tone Ink (AP), 

Bonewhite (Val a), bl

Ivory (Val), l&p

Off White (Val), p

BLACK weapons:

Panzer Dark Grey (Val a),

Fenrisian Grey (GW), flbr & bl

Pallid Wych Flesh (GW), l&p

Dark Tone Ink (AP)

Pallid Wych Flesh (GW), l&p

Off White (Val), p


Dark Earth (AK texture),

Karak Stone (GW), drbr

Nurgle’s Rot (GW effect),


Swamp 4mm (Gamers Grass),

Tiny Dry Green 2mm (Gamers Grass),

Light Blue Flowers (Paint Forge),

Shady Green 2mm (Paint Forge),

Dark Forest 12mm (Paint Forge),

l&p – lines and points,

p – points,

dl – deep lining,

bl – blend,

gl – glaze,

drbr – drybrush,

fltbr – flatbrush,

lobr – loaded brush,

stpl – stippling,

*Airbrushed (with multiple layers and mixes)