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Monthly Archive February 2019

Third Time’s the Charm

Airbrush blow, Airbrush blow
Add the flow
Mix the paint in the cup bady di-di-di-ding
TKO, comatose adios
Slow motion on you muddafuckah (Booyah!)
Super man, airbrush gun
Make ’em fun
Paint ’em down with the wicky-wicky, wa-wa-wa-wash
Automatic now ya minis looking supapainted
Paint splattered, when I hit ya with the “Booyah”
Good brush get the cash get the ching, ching
Get the gold, get the green, get the pin-pin-pin-pink
Get the purple, get the flesh, get the brown
Ten hundred, minis, baby get that (Booyah!)
Passing time, passing time
On the brain, on the mental
Got minis on my mah-mah-mah-mind
Make ’em stop, painting time
Painting time, keep on painting…

Twelve months, dozens of finished projects and hundreds of painted miniatures have happened since last anniversary. Here I am, yet again, delving into past year, assessing progress and boring you to death. Woo hoo!

Scarhandpainting.com visit score is closing to 500000. That’s just insane! When I started this journey about three years ago I never imagined the site might get that popular. Even though the site itself is not meant to generate any income, I’m very happy to have this platform, through which I can share my passion for painting miniatures with all of you. I appreciate all the positive feedback and your e-mails. This means a lot to me.
I know that lately blog section was a bit neglected. As some of you already know, last few months were a bumpy road for me for couple reasons. I moved out to yet another place. On top of that there’s also less projects than it used to. On the bright side I use my spare time to settle in a new place, set up brand new workshop, redesign some parts of the website. Less projects does not mean I sit here looking at the ceiling. I just don’t have much material for tutorials. Things should get back to normal soon and I look forward to start blogging vigorously once again.

Paint Splattering...

Previous year was spread across wide range of projects. A mix of fantasy/sci-fi from entire spectrum of games and ranges. This time with scarhandpainting.com growing popularity among Infinity the game community I spent most of the year painting my favorite game of all time. Alongside Infinity there’s also a lot of Shadespire. Yup, thanks to a commission for a friend, I got into the game myself. Oh cruel fate of a miniatures painter ūüôā Below you will find some of the highlights from the last twelve months. Be sure to let me know which ones you find the most interresting in the comment section or at my facebook.

2018 Highlights

Looking back I can’t help but feel excited for all the cool projects I worked with. All the challenges, uncommon colour schemes. Considering skill progress I think I’ve made some. Opportunity to paint on higher levels plus moving my palette away from GW and into the colorful embrace of Vallejo brought many new possibilities. I’m very happy with results and hope they can be seen.

As usual, I would like to thank all of my friendstomers, for the support and trust. I wish you many exciting projects to come.

Special thanks to Andreas, Thomas, Bettina, Romana, Clemens, Behemoth and all friends who stick with me for good ūüėČ My hobby wouldn’t be the same without you.

Blog Highlights

39 new articles showed up since previous anniversary. These are the ones you found to be the most interresting…






…and some long term favorites:




Do You Know Da Wae?

I stand on the precipice with another happy year of hobbying behind my back. What lays before me is an unknown but I cross the threshold with excitement and confidence. Surrounded by friends, armed to the teeth with Vallejo paints, Airbrushes in both hands – I’m ready for everything 2019 is gonna throw my way!