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Here are some Colour Recipes for Infinity Aleph from GALLERY: ALEPH lvl 4


BLACK/GREY outfits & weapons:
Black Undercoat,
Dark Sea Grey (Vallejo) airbrushed,
Medium Sea Grey (Vallejo) airbrushed,
Light Grey (Vallejo) airbrushed,
Pale Grey Blue (Vallejo) airbrushed,
White lining,
Dark Tone Ink (AP)
Administratum Grey lining,
White lining,
Black ‘Wash for dark vehicles’ (Vallejo) filling in cavity lines

Pallid Wych Flesh (GW)
Pallid Wych Flesh (GW) + White
Black ‘Wash for dark vehicles’ (Vallejo) filling in cavity lines
Gloss Varnish (GW)

Aleph 7

BASES brown
Black Undercoat,
Gorthor Brown (GW)
Karak Stone (GW)
Karak Stone + Pallid Wych Flesh (GW) soft drybrush
A 50%/50% mix of Strong Tone Ink (AP) + Soft Tone Ink (AP)
Strong Tone Ink filling in cavity lines
Pallid Wych Flesh edging
BASES gray
Black Undercoat,
Eshin Grey (GW)
Administratum Grey (GW) soft drybrush

Aleph 8



Here you can find some Colour Recipes for Yu Jing miniatures from GALLERY: INFINITY YU JING

Yu Jing 7

Grey Undercoat,
Sanguine Base (P3) + Scarlet Red (Vallejo Model Air)
Scarlet Red + Troll Slayer Orange (GW)

Scarlet Red + Troll Slayer Orange+ White (Vallejo Model Air)
Red Tone Ink (AP) here and there x2
Heroes got lined with a mix of Wazdakka Red (GW)Lugganath Orange (GW)

Eshin Grey (GW)
Warpfiend Grey (GW)
Warpfiend Grey + Skeleton Bone (AP)

Warpfiend Grey + Skeleton Bone+ White applied from the top
A 50%/50% mix of Strong Tone Ink (AP) + Soft Tone Ink (AP)

Teclis Blue (GW)
Lothern Blue (GW)
Baharroth Blue (GW) fat middle lines
Blue Horror (GW) thin middle lines

Dheneb Stone (GW) foundation
Dheneb Stone + Skeleton Bone (AP)
Dheneb Stone + Skeleton Bone + White
A 50%/50% mix of Strong Tone Ink (AP) + Soft Tone Ink (AP)
Heroes got lined with a mix of Skeleton Bone and Flayed One Flesh (GW)

yu jing wip 2

yu jing wip 3

yu jing wip 5

yu jing wip 6

Yu Jing 9



Here is a Step-by-step guide of how to paint Infinity Nomad Red Armour – Scar_hand Painting’s style 🙂

A complete Recipee used to paint my Infinity Nomads may be found in COLOUR RECIPEES: INFINITY NOMADS. You can also find some additional pictures in the NOMADS: CORREGIDOR lvl 4,5 Gallery.

Colour Recipe:

* GW Standard Brush,
* Tamiya Modeling Brush HG,
* AP Wargamer: The Psycho,
* GW Chaos Black Undercoat,
* GW Mechrite Red, (When this one runs out i’ll switch to P3 Formula ‘Sanguine Base’ instead),
* GW Wazdakka Red,
* AP Skeleton Bone,
* White,
* AP Strong Tone Ink,
* AP Red Tone Ink,

1  I used Chaos Black spray to undercoat the model. I usually do this by applying eight layers of undercoat from eight different angles (four at the front and four at the back of the model, each at the same 45* angle with one directed up, one down, one left and one right side of the model).

2  The first layer of Red was made with Standard Brush and Mechrite Red. I tried not to fill the recesses too much and to cover all buldes smoothly.

red 1

3  I switched to Tamiya Modeling Brush and applied Wazdakka Red to all bulges and flat surfaces of the armour, leaving cavities Mechrite Red'ed. This madethe armour look more smooth and ready to be highlighted.

red 2

4  I applied a 50%/50% mix of Wazdakka Red and Skeleton Bone in the middle and on the edges of particular surfaces.

red 3

5  I added White to the Wazdakka/Skeleton mix and further lined the model.

red 4

6  More White was added to the mix and another layer of lines and points was made.

red 5

7  I switched back to Standard Brush and washed the armour with Strong Tone Ink.

red 6

8  I switched to The Psycho to add some Skeleton Bone/White lining in the key points of the armour.

red 7

9  I switched to Tamiya Modeling Brush and washed the armour with Red Tone Ink.

red 8

9  Oops! I did it again washing all the armour with Red Tone Ink to finally finish it.

red 9

Hope that you find this little tut useful and that you will post some pictures of miniatures painted this way 😉