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July 2018

July 2018

What a month! What a lovely month! A lot of my fav Infinity the Game starting with a ‘B4ckd00r Incursion Special Project’, on which I worked on hard at the end of last month. The project was a great prelude to more or less Infinity Nomad month, cause after speed painting a tiny addition to my own Nomad Collection, I begun a large Infinity Bakunin lvl 4 ‘Chrome & Shiny’ project. The sheer quantity of miniatures was a challenge and due to last week of July being reserved for vacation, I wasn’t able to finish entire collection. Next month – definitely more Bakunin!

‘B4CKD00R INCURSION’ Special Project ‘witness Me!’ – View gallery…

Infinity BAKUNIN ‘Chrome & Shiny’ – View gallery…

Infinity NOMADS – View gallery…

“The Colony” Special Project – View gallery…


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GoldmundPosted on  12:32 pm - Jul 23, 2018

Very nice job! Love the hacker model!

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