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August 2018

August 2018

August made me very excited. It started with continuation of previous month’s project: Infinity BAKUNIN. Then I decided it’s time for a bit of system restart – Ironskull’s Boyz joined my small Shadespire collection. Afterwards it got pretty serious with my very first Airbrush Classes kicking off in Kraków. A long expected project of Infinity Combined Army followed and I had a chance to unleash all the hype accumulated for this one throughout last months. Then something special dropped in: a fantastic idea for a birthday present that I was asked to deliver in time and style. This one had to be blurred, cause there’s still some time before the grand event 😛 All projects complete and not much planned for next month, I cut the finish line with few days to spare, decided to spent them with Gingermane Studio’s scenery to add to “The Colony” Special Project.

Infinity BAKUNIN ‘Chrome & Shiny’ – View gallery…

Shadespire IRONSKULL’S BOYZ ‘Chrome & Shiny’ – View gallery…

Infinity COMBINED ARMY ‘Witness Me!’ – View gallery…

Gingermane Studio Scenery – View gallery…


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Greg & SarahPosted on  9:08 am - Oct 12, 2018

Nazroth, I was the lucky recipient of the Aristeia! models. They are absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for the effort you have put into them.

Nazroth, just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic service. The communication was excellent; packaging & delivery both great, and the timescale was perfect. There were lots of ‘wows’ when he got to open his gift. Beautiful work! Thank you

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